The Liberal Arts Experience

Find your own frequency. There are more possibilities in the College of Liberal Arts than colors you can name, whether you're passionate about art, music, archeology, film or government; or social justice, languages, world travel or the human mind. Or maybe you're passionate about all of them. They're all here. And that's just in the classroom. Beyond, you can join student clubs, conduct your own research, study in the field, and study abroad. It's all waiting for you. Let's get started. 

Studying Religion … in the Lab 

Annie Lesny was just one of the many psychology students who put brought her love for learning into the lab. She examined the Buddhist concept of karma, which may seem like an unlikely topic in psychology, but is just one example of how students can follow their own passions at OSU. 

The Unassuming Star

Caitlyn Douglas went from having no formal musical training as a first-year to singing the national anthem at her own graduation ceremony.  Good mentorship, hard work and a love for vocal performance helped her along the way. Not only that, Arts programs at OSU offer our students dozens of ways to connect with others and gain valuable and professional experience. 

At the Intersection of Anthropology and Film

Buddy Terry, who’s passionate about studying culture and film found a way to do both in CLA. He made his first full-length documentary, “Food Connections Across Borders,” after accompanying a CLA faculty-led study abroad group to Ecuador. The film focuses on climate, geography, food and social justice, and has already been shown in several countries.