Region (and/or Era):

U.S. Literature and Literature of the Americas:

Peter Betjemann (18th and 19th c.), Neil Davison (20th c.), Ray Malewitz (20th and 21st c.), Olga Blomgren (20th and 21st c.)

British and Anglophone Literature:

Tekla Bude (Medieval), Neil Davison (Modernism & 20th c.), Evan Gottlieb (18th c. and Romantic), Rebecca Olson (Renaissance/ Early Modern), Megan Ward (Victorian)

World Literatures:

Neil Davison (Modern European), Olga Blomgren (Modern Diasporic and Decolonial)

Area of Focus/ Theoretical Expertise:

Digital Humanities, Digital Rhetoric & Post-Humanist Theory:

Evan Gottlieb, Ray Malewitz, Megan Ward, Ehren Pflugfelder, Tim Jensen, Ana Ribero, Kristy Kelly

Feminist, Gender and Queer Studies:

Neil Davison, Megan Ward Ana Ribero, Rebecca Olson

Environmental Literature & Writing:

Evan Gottlieb, Ray Malewitz, Ehren Pflugfelder, Tim Jensen

Literature, Science, and Technology:

Tekla Bude, Ray Malewitz, Megan Ward

Material and Visual Culture:

Peter Betjemann, Tekla Bude, Rebecca Olson, Megan Ward, Tim Jensen, Ehren Pflugfelder

Race and Ethnicity Studies:

Peter Betjemann, Neil Davison, Ana Ribero, Olga Blomgren

Transnational and Oceanic Studies:

Evan Gottlieb, Ana Ribero, Olga Blomgren

Pedagogy and the Teaching of Writing:

 Ehren Pflugfelder, Tim Jensen, Kristy Kelly, Rebecca Olson, Sarah Perrault

Classical and Contemporary Rhetorical Theory:

Ehren Pflugfelder, Tim Jensen, Kristy Kelly

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Writing:

Ehren Pflugfelder, Kristy Kelly, Sarah Perrault

Writing Across the Curriculum & Writing Program Administration:

Tim Jensen, Kristy Kelly, Sarah Perrault