Step 1: Click or hover over the word "Content" located on your dashboard tool bar (upper left when logged in):

Click or hover over "Add Content":

Then click on the "Program" option:

Step 2: Choose groups and units that you would like to have the academic program in.

Step 3: Choose who can view the program.

Step 4: Create a title for the academic program.

Step 5: Specify a level (undergraduate or graduate) for the program.

Step 6: Provide a summary about the academic program.

Step 7: Provide a link to a description of the course within the course catalog as well as a link to the schedule of the class within the course catalog.

Step 8: You should also click through the various tabs on the left, just above the Save button. These include space for you to enter the Learning Outcomes, more details about the Undergraduate or Graduate program, a Minor (if offered), any notes about the program, and more. Click through these tabs to see what you can add and how.

Step 8: SAVE! Review.