If necessary, an additional page may be added to your unit's site. This is reserved for projects or opportunities that do not already have an appropriate place in the site using any of the other tools.

For instance, a new course that is being offered should be highlighted with the highlight feature, and does not need its own page. However, a program or institute within a unit may need a new page, and even deserve sub-pages. These can be added by following the following guidelines, but please contact Celene.Carillo@oregonstate.edu before proceeding with additional pages.

Step 1: Click or hover over the word "Content" located on your dashboard tool bar (upper left when logged in):

Click or hover over "Add Content":

Then click on the "Book Page" option:

Step 2: You must select your "Unit or Group" that the highlight will appear in (this is the name of your website).

Step 3: Choose a "Group Content Visibility" option (this is a required field). Choosing "Private" will enable you and others who can log in to the site to see the story, but not the public. This is helpful if you're developing something that isn't ready to be publicized yet, just remember to change it to Public visibility when it is ready to go live.


Step 4: Add body text, including images if available.

NOTE: Don't forget to change the "Text format" from "Filtered HTML" to "Full HTML" below the body textbox.

Change to Full HTML

Step 5:You will also need to add your new book page to your unit's Book Outline, just above the Save button.

Step 6: SAVE! Review.