Feature stories are the perfect way to  promote what your unit has done, does, or is going to do. These appear prominently on the unit's front page, and also appear on the School page. NOTE: See the Speech Communication website as an example.

We suggest adding or replacing 1-3 new feature stories on your unit's front page every term.

To create a feature story you will need a large, high-quality image or photograph (approximately 1200 x 564 pixels), this will be the image that appears on the front page, along with a caption. The caption should be a brief, captivating description about whatever is being promoted. This may be about an event (upcoming or recent), new research or faculty, or another topic of interest.

Tips for creating a feature story:

  • write about something of interest to students, faculty, staff, donors, or prospects of any of these groups
  • be sure to add a high quality photo for the front page rotating feature
  • also add smaller photos within the body of the feature story for emphasis and to hold attention
  • make the material in the story approachable (jargon and technical terms can lose an audience)

To add the feature story:

Step 1: Click or hover over the word "Content" located on your dashboard tool bar (upper left when logged in):

Click or hover over "Add Content":

Then click on the "Feature Story" option:

Stpe 2: Be sure to select your "Unit or Group" that the feature story will appear in (this is the name of your website).

Also be sure to fill in all of the required fields as well as any desired additional fields.

Step 3: Choose a "Group Content Visibility" option (this is a required field). Choosing "Private" will enable you and others who can log in to the site to see the story, but not the public.

NOTE: You can choose whether or not the feature story should appear in the rotating banner on the unit website's home page, by checking or unchecking the "Display in Rotating Feature Block" box. (If un-checked, it will still show in the right-hand list of unit feature stories, and in the All CLA Stories page.)

Step 4: Create a "Title" for your feature story.

Step 5: Upload an image for your feature story, the best dimensions are 1200 x 564 pixels.

Step 6: Then add a "Caption" for your feature story. This should be a sentence or two which interests people.

Step 7: Fill in the "Body" text box. This is where you will put the content of your feature story, including text, links, and images.

NOTE: Don't forget to change the "Text format" from "Filtered HTML" to "Full HTML" below the body textbox.

Change to Full HTML

Step 8: SAVE! Then take a look and review the story's public appearance. If you need to change something just click on the "Edit" tab. (If things look off, be sure you've followed all of the steps above.)