When any event or deadline is coming up within or related to your unit, you can add it to the event calendar which feeds onto your unit's front page.

To do this, first go to the front page. The calendar feed is below the body content, it looks like this:

Calendar feed

To add an event, simply click on "View the Entire Calendar" at the bottom, and then "Login to Submit an Event" on the left side of the page under "Tools".

Login to submit an event

You should be able to log in with your ONID username and password and follow the prompts to submit the details of an event. Fill in the fields and add a description of the event, choose the relevant calendar(s) for the event to appear on, then Submit and Confirm.


To approve events submitted to the calendar for your unit, go to the calendar and click on "Advanced" in the upper right corner next to Logout.

Click Advanced

Then choose "Manage" beneath the calendar title.

Manage Calendar

If you have admin permissions, this will take you to the queue of all events that have been submitted to the calendar. If there are some events awaiting approval, you can approve or reject them by choosing "check all" and "Manage Selected".

Manage Selected

If you encounter any problems or do not have permissions to manage the queue of events, submit a help ticket to OSU Web and Mobiles Services with a Calendar Request explaining that you need access; provide the link to the calendar and your ONID username.