Add a video to your unit's website to provide background and draw interest. All you need is a video (as a file, or the link to a Youtube, Vimeo, or mediaspace) created for the university, or not.

Step 1: Click or hover over the word "Content" located on your dashboard tool bar (upper left when logged in):

Click or hover over "Add Content":

Then click on the "Video" option:

Step 2: Add a Title for your video.

Step 3: Choose the groups and units you would like the video to be in.

Step 4: Choose who you would like to see the video.

Step 5: Make a summary for the video in the "Body".

Step 6: Click "Select media" to add the video by either uploading the file, or choose "Web" to use the URL from Youtube, Vimeo, or media space. Hit Submit and your video should be uploaded.


Step 7: SAVE! Then review the video, it should appear in the video carousel on the right side of your unit's front page.