Step 1: Click or hover over the word "Content" located on your dashboard tool bar (upper left when logged in):

Click or hover over "Add Content":

Then click on the "Webform" option:

Step 2: Choose your unit that the webform belongs to.

Step 3: Choose who can view the webform. You can make it either Private or Public (you can always change this).

Step 4: Give the form a title.

Step 5: In the body write a summary about the webform; i.e. what you are expecting/requesting and why.

Step 6: Change the "Text format" to Full HTML.

Step 7: Add the Webform to your book (your unit's website) as well as where you would like the webform to appear as a page within your book/website.

Step 8: SAVE!

After saving, you should be brought to a page where you will begin creating your webform.

If this doesn't happen or you need an alternative way to edit your webform, there will be a tab that says "Edit" on the webform page that you can click on to edit.

Step 9: To begin the creation of your webform you will first need to add the "New component name" (this is the first question in the form).

Step 10: Now choose from the options, i.e. Textfield, Text area, Select options. This part depends on what kind of question or information you are asking for. The following are your options and how you will want to use them, starting with the most commonly used:

  • Textfield - For when a short typed response is needed.
  • Textarea - Can be useful if requesting a typed response that may be longer than a few words or a sentence.
  • Select options - If you'd like people to choose from a selection of options.
  • Email - For requesting an email address.
  • File - To request a file be uploaded (Word doc, image, PDF, etc.), i.e. a cover letter, resume, transcript, etc.
  • Date - If requesting a specific date be provided.
  • Number- For when a number needs to be provided (although for phone numbers, textfields are likely better).
  • Page break - If you'd like the form to have multiple pages, this will break it up.
  • Time - If a time is to be provided.

Need further assistance? You can submit a help ticket to OSU Web and Mobiles Services. There are also Open Labs where you can get assistance from a Drupal 7 expert at Central Web Services, see the dates and times for Open Labs on their calendar.

Step 11: On the right side, check the "required" box if you would like that specific question/component to be required in order for the webform to be submitted.

Step 12: If you need to edit a component, you can click on the "edit" link to the right. If you need a component to be duplicated, you can click "clone". If you needed to delete a component, choose "delete" beneath the Operations function.

Step 13: SAVE! Review. Edit if necessary. To change or edit a question, click the "Webform" tab next to "Edit."