It's an exciting time to be a part of the College of Liberal Arts, and as we progress in the arts and humanities, we also recognize the need to communicate these opportunities using the new technology we have at our disposal. We are the first college at the university to completely incorporate all 20 units, along with 6 of our centers and initiatives into the Drupal 7 group structure. This means we now have simplified and easy-to-use tools to promote all of the amazing opportunities we have to offer!

Each unit is now in charge of their own website and has many options for promoting their involvement opportunities on the web. The following pages are here to help the unit and school website managers take advantage of these tools in order to represent their units and the college as a unified whole.

This online guide contains tailored instructions in order to walk you through how to...

As well as how to add various features to a page, including...

Within these instructions are links to related instruction pages from other sections of this guide, so feel free to click on them for guidance.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions of this instructions set for other questions you may have.

There are also online Drupal 7 guides created by Central Web Services (CWS). Further assistance with website maintenance is also available by submitting a help ticket to OSU Web and Mobile Services or attending an Open Lab session.

As you work on your new website, feel free to utilize these resources. There are also other online resources, including this great video about managing website content (check it out around 25 minutes for some really helpful tips if you don't have time to watch the whole thing).