Your profile will show up on your unit's Faculty & Staff Directory reflecting whatever information you place there. There are options to upload a profile picture, add a bio, and much more, including an image album.

Start by getting to your profile (once logged in): click on your name which is next to Log out, in the upper right hand corner.

This will always bring you to your profile, the way it is displayed on the website (if your unit has a published Faculty & Staff Directory). Now you can edit your profile by clicking on the "Edit" tab, beneath your name.

Adding on to your profile: There are multiple grey tabs across the top right of the edit screen, use these to update or edit different parts of your profile: "OSU Employee," "OSU Person," and "OSU Faculty." You will need to add information in each of these, remembering to Save before moving on to the next tab.

People tabs

There a few important things to remember when updating your profile:

  • Your image should be a headshot, preferably one in which your face is fairly centered. Larger images are best. Please use a minimum size of 300 x 300 pixels. When you upload your photo (in the “OSU Person” tab), Drupal will crop it to a square, so you may want to crop it before uploading in order to assure your face is centered and you don’t have your head cut off. If you need to crop a photo, Croppola is a free online service that works well.
  • Please change or add your email address if it’s incorrect or missing (in both the “OSU Person” and “Account” tabs).
  • Include a biography about yourself, see examples in Music’s directory. (You can update your bio in the OSU Person tab, along with your preferred name as it will appear in the directory.)
  • A field for office hours will be coming. For now, please add this term’s information in your Biography (in the “OSU Person” tab).
  • You can upload your CV and discuss your research, career, and/or personal interests in the “OSU Faculty” tab. 
  • If your office address is incorrect, log in to Banner to change it (using the OSU Online Services quicklink), and update your Personal Information to your actual office address.
  • Images and publications which will appear in the My Media and My Publications tabs of your profile can be added to your profile by going through "Content", then "Add Content", and then choosing "Image Album" or "Biblio" respectively.
  • Tip: If you experience any formatting issues after saving, try changing the Text Format (just above the Save button) from Filtered HTML to Full HTML.

See our complete guidelines (doc). To populate the grey tabs, see these helpful walk-through instructions: "OSU Employee," "OSU Person," and "OSU Faculty."

Once you've provided the information you'd like to your profile, you can also add an image album. This is a great way to display photographs that help illustrate the profile you've just set up.