What is an Eportfolio

An Eportfolio is a collection of a student's body of work, experiences, and reflections that can be used in their post graduation career search. Eportfolios build on tradition portfolio principles of collection, organization, and display. Eportofolios encourage students to make connection between experiences they have in the classroom, and outside of it. By working with students to reflect on job experience, internships, sports, clubs, hobbies, and their personal life, Eportfolios help to holistically address a students learning. 

Collaborating with the Eportfolio Initiative

The Eportfolio Initiative works best when working with groups of students already engaged in meaningful experiences on campus. Partnering with Eportfolio Initiative means allowing our Eportfolio specialists come in and workshop with your students on how to create and use an Eportfolio to showcase their work and learning.

Current Pilot Partners

  • Diversity and Cultural Engagement

  • College of Liberal Arts Ambassadors

  • Educational Opportunities Program

  • New Media Communications

  • Center for Civic Engagement



Creating a Culture of Folio Thinking
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A community of folio thinking is where students receive reinforcement when creating their Eportfolios from multiple areas of their life. Having a wrap around support for creating their Eportfolio will increase the likelihood that a student will create an Eportfolio that will be successful in landing them a job post graduation. 

Having the buy-in of multiple departments at Oregon State University is a part of the of the philosophy of the CLA Eportfolio Initiative.  

We at the College of Liberal Arts Eportfolio Initiative are invested in the development of our staff and faculty as well as our student body. We offer presentations for staff and faculty to help inform them of the work that we are doing, and how we can work in collaboration to deepen students' experiences while at Oregon State. 

The College of Liberal Arts Eportfolio Initiative is also available to come and speak with groups of students to inform them of the services that we offer, and the ways in which students can access them. Requesting a presentation can help us grow and reach more students.