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What is Reflection?

Reflection is tool that can be used to enhance your learning. We believe in active reflection's ability connect the dots between what you are learning in the classroom and your experiences outside of it. Asking yourself meaningful questions about experiences you have had in your life is proven to deepen your understanding what you have learned. Reflection helps you to enhance your capacity for higher-level thinking, a skill any employer will ask for. Continually reflecting on new experiences strengthens your metacognition, thinking about the way you think. This skill allows you to understand the way you think and communicate more effectively about your goals, desires, and knowledge.

We are here to help

The CLA Eportfolio Initiative is here to help you make the most out of your time at OSU. Make an appointment with our Eportfolio Specialist to go over reflection techniques, writing a reflection for your Eportfolio, or to externally process an experience.           

Tips On Writing a Meaningful Reflection

  • Write your reflection at a time where you do not feel rushed, or pressured.
  • Write your reflection as soon as possible after your experience, and then revisit it later and add to it once more time has passed. 
  • Ask yourself questions that will help you understand how you think, what you learned, what was meaningful. 
  • Avoid cliche phrases such as: "I learned a lot", "very effective", "it was interesting", "put my___ to the test", "I tried really/very hard."
  • Reflection does not have to be solitary. You can also start reflecting by talking with someone about your expeirence. Talk with someone else who has gone through the same experience as you. Your supervisor, leader, professor, or advisor also can also be great people to talk with. 

Questions to ask yourself as you reflect

1  What did you learn?

2  What about this assignment or program was most useful to you?

3  What would you recommend to others about getting involved in this project or program? What suggestions would you have to offer?

4  What area in your life was strengthened or improved by the project or program?

5  List the ways that you have grown as a result of this assignment, course, or program.

6  What problems did you encounter? What risks did you take?

7  What experience in this program or assignment of this course demonstrated our strengths and talents, and why?

If you had to do it all over again, would you? Why?