Students working togetherWhat is an Eportfolio

At its core, an Eportfolio is a collection of your work that helps you reflect upon your skills, and can assist you in finding employment and getting into graduate school. Each piece that you select for your Eportfolio showcases your skills, knowledge and talent. Your Eportfolio can go even beyond what a traditional resume or curriculum vitae can do, and can help others better understand you as a team member and person. 

There are two types of Eportfolios

  • In a Learning Eportfolio, you collect your work as you go, reflecting on each piece to find deeper meaning in the work that you have done. Often students create these while they are taking classes. 
  • In a Showcase Eportfolio, you curate your collection of work for others to see. Students create these when they are ready to look for employment or apply to graduate school. 

Each of these styles of Eportfolios revolve around two core concepts: collecting examples of your work and reflecting on the connection between them. We encourage students to create both throughout their university experience. 

Schedulue an appointment with one of our specialists to talk about your Eportfolio and recieve feedback that will help create the best Eportfolio you can. 

Steps to Create an Eportfolio  

  1. Decide what type of Eportfolio you want to make. Use our guide to help you set it up. 
  2. Compile examples of your learning (pictures, videos, documents, audio files) into one place.
  3. Use the Reflection page to help understand how to use it in your Eportfolio
  4. Link your Eportfolio to your resume and social media accounts.
  5. Show off your Eportfolio.