Monday, May 15, 2023



Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ivan Carbajal, published an article in the Journal of Latinx Psychology looking at the influence of bilingualism and biculturalism in Latinx individuals' recognition memory. The article is titled Visual Recognition Memory Modulated by Language and Cultural Frame Priming in Latinx Bilinguals and Biculturals. Ivan was also recently accepted into the competitive Microsabbatical at Princeton Psychology. Microsabbaticals at Princeton Psychology provide a several-week-long visit to our department for early-career faculty from groups that are historically under-represented in academia. The program focuses on professional development such as creating a long-term mentoring relationship, developing a skill, and/or starting a research collaboration with faculty in the Princeton department. Dr. Carbajal will be collaborating with Dr. Erik Nook looking at the influence of biculturalism on emotions.