Tuesday, June 7, 2022


SPS Graduate Student, Joanna DeMeyer has been chosen to receive a $2466 scholarship sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. The scholarship covers tuition and fees to attend their Summer Institute course: “Introduction to Quantitative and Qualitative Research for American Indian Health” during the last week this June 2022.  Joanna is mentored and advised by Dr. Kathryn Becker-Blease.

The overarching goal of the course is to provide a basic overview of qualitative and quantitative research methods and the different applications of each to a variety of different public health interventions. Readings, lectures and labs explore different research methods and the process of selecting the appropriate method to design and implement a variety of public health interventions. Topics covered in the course include: focus groups, in-depth interviews, comparison designs, intervention designs, and randomized controlled trials. Students will work to gain a basic understanding of these research methods and apply them to existing projects on which they are working. 

Congratulations Joanna!!