Thursday, November 2, 2017


SPS alumni Madison Sween's article, Who is a Distracted Driver? Associations Between Mobile Phone Use While Driving, Domain-Specific Risk-Taking, and Personality was selected as one of the best of about 150 published in Risk Analysis in 2017, and will be announced at this year's Annual Meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis in December in Alexandria, VA. Papers are nominated and selected by the journal's editorial staff based on their overall quality and contribution to the field of risk analysis.

Co-authors Madison Sween, Andrea Ceschi, Francesco Tommasi, Riccardo Sartori and Joshua Weller's paper highlighted their study, which investigated the associations between personality traits and cell phone use while driving in a sample of Italian community residents. The study found that two traits, Conscientiousness and Honesty/Humility, two traits that are related to cognitive control and risk behaviors, were associated with greater reported frequency of SMS use while driving, and lower perceptions of dangers associated with phone use while driving.