Carolyn Maresh Award

David Bishop, SHPR

David, who works as the School’s head advisor and scheduler, was recognized for his commitment to students and faculty, and for his work in the community, assisting in launching a series of internships at local archives and museums.

Robert J. Frank Award

Lisa Ede, Professor of English

Professor Ede is an internationally prominent scholar in the field of rhetoric and composition.   With two books in the past year and a third in press due out any day, Lisa is capping a career of immense productivity.  Not only is she one of the best known scholars in a field that she literally helped invent, she has, in her thirty year career at OSU seen dozens of her former students go on to their own careers in composition.   As she nears the end of one of CLA’s most distinguished faculty careers, the Robert J. Franke award is a fitting tribute to her accomplishments.

Thomas R Meehan

Mei-Ching Lien, Associate Professor of Psychology

While one could easily point to Mei’s in-class accomplishments as deserving of a college teaching award, especially her courses in cognition, it her classroom work in combination with her outside work with students that is so notable.  Having mentored over 50 undergraduates in her lab with the past few years, she’s overseen enormous productivity on the part of her students.  They count as their accomplishments 12 professional journal publications and 27 presentations at professional conferences.   In her commitment to the psychology education of Oregon State students, she is someone, in the words of her nominator, who we’d like to clone ten times over.

Bill Wilkins Award

Rebecca Olson, Assistant Professor of English

Rebecca teaches and researches in the area of early modern English.    As a renaissance/early modern scholar, she has been described as a wonderful and generous colleague, and exemplary academic citizen in every regard, one who  is equally generous with graduates and undergraduates.  Trained in, among other things, paleography (that is, someone who’s an expert in manuscripts), the Wilkins award will allow her continue her research consultation of various works in the world’s most important libraries. 

Hovland Award

Juan Antonio Trujillo, Assistant Professor of Spanish

While one could imagine Juan Antonio winning this award based sheerly on the volume of his accumulated service over the years – his work on committees, organizations, events, etc., etc.— this award is equally about recognizing the high quality of his contribution to all these areas.  Driven by a passion for social justice, and a strong sense of moral conscience, he has paid special attention throughout his career to those whose voices might otherwise be muted or unheard.   He has been an outspoken advocate for the marginalized and the disadvantaged, ever interested in given due attention to those overlooked by virtue of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, social class, disability, nation of origin, age or religion.