As faculty members who are teaching remotely during Spring 2020, you have likely been inundated with countless tutorials and web guides, many of which were created by LMS and technical application vendors. The purpose of the following resources is not to add to your already sizable cognitive load, but to provide the option of homegrown, peer resources created by CLA faculty who not only teach remotely, but are also familiar with the needs and learning styles of OSU students.

Moving a Course Online Quickly (from SWLF)

This guide was written to assist faculty in transitioning literature, writing, and film classes to remote delivery, but it is likely pertinent for classes across CLA and the Honors College. It contains a list of best practices for remote instruction along with ideas for moving different types of in-class activities (e.g. lecture, group activities, discussion) to online formats. Instructions for online tools are linked in the document.

Remote Teaching for Spring Term: Best Practices & Resources (from SHPR)

This workshop was designed for a broad audience. It highlights best practices for online teaching and special considerations for the use of synchronous and asynchronous lectures.  It also showcases the functionalities of Canvas, Zoom, and Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder.  The key points of the workshop and relevant links for online resources are featured in the PDF handout, which concludes with a helpful chart that distinguishes Ecampus courses from Spring term remote courses.  A slide deck of the workshop is also available.

OSU-produced guides and tutorials