Undergraduate and Graduate Music Programs

Undergraduate Programs in Music

Undergraduates may pursue a Bachelor of Music with options in music education and performance, a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science with an option in music production or as a double major paired with a different degree, or minor in music studies, music performance, popular music or guitar.

Bachelor of Music: learn more about the degree options in music education or performance, admissions procedures and benchmarks, and academic requirements.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science: learn more about the available degree options and academic requirements.

Music minors: learn about the available music minors and academic requirements.


Graduate Program in Music Education

Graduate level programs in music education with licensure are available through the Professional Music Teacher Education (PMTE) program, where students may pursue the Master of Arts in Teaching: Music Education (MAT) degree or the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) degree and receive the Oregon Teaching License. OSU’s graduate programs in music have been approved by Oregon’s Teacher Standards and Practices Commission and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Programs are available for individuals seeking both the initial and/or continuing license in music at all levels of authorization. The continuing license may be earned through completion of a master's degree and three years or more of successful teaching.