Welcome to the Digital Communications Major (DCA) in the New Media Communications area of the School of Arts & Communication. Select courses are offered in various formats and terms, please refer to OSU's Online Course Catalog. Course selections vary depending upon your degree type (BA/BS/BFA). 

  • First year students are encouraged to complete NMC 101 Introduction to New Media Communications, NMC 260 Media Futures, and WR 121.
  • Sophomores should complete their WR II Bacc Core requirement then NMC 301 Writing for the Media. Also, may begin coursework in the 300-level area.
  • The NMC 299, 399, and 499 classes are special topics courses used to test and introduce new course subjects.  NMC currently uses multiple special topics courses since the degree is new and ever changing.  You can retake special topics courses with a different topic.

There are growing opportunities for student scholarships and internships. Internships are available in fields such as newspaper and magazine journalism, movie production, software, gaming, and media and marketing design. Students have access to media equipment such as cameras and lighting for course projects. They can also work in the gaming lab and motion-capture lab on faculty supervised projects.

To receive emails from the list serve please go to NMC all list serve and subscribe. Please be sure to use your ONID email when subscribing as all non-ONID emails will be refused access to avoid phishing attacks. Student on the list serve are sent emails from our academic adviser about upcoming events such as registration as well as future opportunities for our students.

For other updates on the NMC program including announcements, news, and opportunities follow and find the NMC program at the following sites:

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