Getting Credit for Practical Experience

While participating in a practicum or internship is not required, students can count a maximum of three credits of Internship (NMC 410) and/or Practicum (NMC 409) toward the DCA major. The three credits can be a combination of NMC 409 & NMC 410, if desired. Three credits can accumulate over multiple terms, or be completed in one term. Each credit of NMC 409/410 equates to 30 hours of work. If you are completing one credit in a given term, you would be expected to work an average of three hours per week throughout the 10-week term. If you would like to complete 3 credits, you would be expected to work an average of nine hours per week throughout the 10-week term.

How do NMC 409 & NMC 410 Fit in the DCA Major?

For BA & BS students, three credits of NMC 409/NMC 410 equates to one Advanced Level NMC Course. For BFA students, three credits of NMC 409/410 is counted as one Production Course.

Can I Earn More Than 3 Credits?

If desired, university policy allows students to earn a maximum of 16 credits of NMC 409/410, but it will not count in the major. Anything above 3 credits will count solely as upper-division elective credit. Registering for more than 3 credits is still dependent on faculty approval. Please consult the NMC Advisor to determine whether upper-division elective credit is necessary for your degree.


NMC 410 Internship

Students are expected to secure their own internship placements, but the NMC Internship Coordinator, Nicole Holck, is available to offer guidance and facilitate credit for your internship. Please consult the Internship Info Sheet to learn more about the process for completing an internship for NMC credit. Faculty approval is necessary to register for internship credit. Oregon State's Career Development Center assists students and alumni in finding a job. 

NMC 410 Forms

The Internship Proposal Form is required before you can register for credit.

Toward the end of your internship, the Internship Evaluation Form is required to be completed by your supervisor in order to receive a grade.


NMC 409 Practicum

There are currently two types of practicum available to NMC students: Orange Media Network Practicum and Campus Media Practicum.

Orange Media Network Practicum

Orange Media Network (OMN) is home to a television station, a radio station, a newspaper, and three magazines. DCA majors interested in participating in student media have the option to register for Orange Media Network Practicum in order to receive credit for their participation. The OMN Practicum has a structured syllabus, but allows students to explore their various media interests. For a sample OMN Practicum syllabus, click here.

Students are able to register for Orange Media Network Practicum as they would a normal class. No override or departmental approval is necessary. Unless you receive prior permission from OMN, students are expected to register for one credit per term.

Campus Media Practicum

Dr. Bill Loges is the faculty supervisor of Campus Media Practicum. Departmental Approval is required in order to register for this course. To obtain an override to register, a completed Practicum Proposal Form must be signed by Dr. Loges and submitted to the NMC Front Desk in Snell 030. Faculty approval is necessary to register for practicum credit.

Prior to the Practicum Term:

  1. Fill out a Practicum Proposal. On that form you'll be asked to describe your learning objectives/outcomes
  2. Credits earned: This is between you and your practicum supervisor. Remember, 30 hours = 1 credit
  3. Have your practicum supervisor sign the form
  4. Bring completed form back to the Dr. Loges

Registration Prior to the Practicum term: 

If Dr. Loges approves the proposal, submit the proposal form to the NMC Front Desk. The override will be in place by 5 PM on the day you submit the form. After 5 PM, login to your MyOSU account to register for the course. If you are registering for more than one credit, you will need to register for the CRN, click submit, then click on the number of credits to increase the number of credits based on your proposal. If you are unable to register for NMC 409, please contact the NMC Advisor, Daniel (Danny) Gruss, M.S., Academic Advisor. If you have questions about how to register for more than one credit, consult the Registrar's Office.

During the Practicum Term:

Conduct yourself professionally as you are a representative of your peers and of the New Media Communications department.

By Week 8 of the practicum term, you'll need to ask your supervisor to complete the Practicum Evaluation Form. This form should be scanned and submitted directly to Dr. Loges by your supervisor. The Practicum Evaluation Form is required in order to receive a grade.