Individual Voice Lessons

  • Thirty-minute, private lesson with Dr. Nicholas Larson, director of vocal studies.
  • Addition fee of $30 for one lesson or $50 for two lessons during week of camp.
  • Option can be selected during online registration and is limited to first 20 participants.

Small Vocal Ensemble Options

  • Vocal Jazz is right for you if you love funky harmonies and syncopated rhythms! As a member of the Vocal Jazz ensemble, you will learn interesting repertoire that highlights the Vocal Jazz genre.
  • Madrigals are secular choral works from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The Madrigals ensemble is right for you if you're interested in learning about repertoire and performance practices from different eras of music history.
  • Barbershop (SSAA & TTBB) music is known for its tight and vibrant harmonies, as well as its iconic repertoire, generally coming from the mid-20th century. Join the Barbershop ensemble if you're interested in learning about this exciting and classic style of singing! This year we will be offering two sections: one with all treble voices and one with all bass/baritone voices.
  • A cappella (SSAA & SATB) ensemble will introduce you to the world of contemporary pop a cappella music. You will prepare and perform a piece of a cappella music at the gala concert, and throughout the week you will learn about a cappella basics, including audition tips, vocal tone, and stage presence. This year we will be offering two sections: one with all treble voice and one with SATB voicing.

Musicianship Options

  • Beginning Music Theory elective is designed for individuals who have little to no music reading experience and will cover the basics of music literacy, music notation, and sight reading.
  • Group Piano elective is where you will learn the basics of how to understand a piano keyboard, musical notation specific to the piano, along with learning a few simple songs to play. No piano experience necessary.
  • Voice Class elective is an option open designed to introduce students to a group solo performance setting. Students should select this option if they are interested in working on vocal pieces for solo competitions and auditions such as state solo and ensemble or program auditions. Students interested in this option must bring a classical solo piece they have worked on.
  • Conducting elective is perfect for you if you want to know the basics of conducting a musical ensemble. The course instructor will guide you through the beginning steps of developing a unique and artistic conducting gesture, including patterns, body language, and expressive movements.
  • Intermediate/Advanced Music Theory elective is designed for individuals who have a little more experience with music reading and notation. We will look at more advanced subject matter, such as intervals, chord functions, and basic harmonic structure.
  • Songwriting elective will help you develop or refine skills necessary to write your own music. In this course you will learn about musical form, style, and basic chord structure which will help you be able to compose in a variety of genres.
  • A cappella Arranging elective is designed for students who have previous a cappella experience at their high school in a formal a cappella ensemble. Students must also have music theory knowledge. Students will be taught how to properly arrange a song by adjusting the key, voicing, solos, and vocal percussion for a high school ensemble. 

Instrumental Options

  • Beginning Ukulele ensemble is designed for students who have always wanted to learn how to play the uke but have had no prior experience. We will provide the instruments, teach you the basics, and set you free! 
  • Advanced Ukulele ensemble will teach students who already play the ukulele how to better understand their instrument along with learning more difficult repertoire than the beginning ensemble. Instruments will be provided if needed.
  • Handbell ensemble will provide you an opportunity to work collaboratively with other ensemble members to create beautiful and resonant melodies and harmonies along with learning more about how the handbell works.
  • Steel Drum ensemble lets students experience a unique percussion instrument, while learning about the instrument's culture, sound, and possibilities. 
  • Guitar ensemble is an option for students who bring their own guitar. Guitars will not be provided. This ensemble is designed to have students with previous guitar knowledge and introduce them to guitar ensemble music. 
  • Pitched Percussion ensemble is a comprehensive and exciting introduction to Boomwhackers and barred instruments. We will be using Boomwhackers (pitched plastic tubes), xylophones, and metallophones to create a multi-dimensional musical experience.

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