JumpstART 2020 Remote Class Descriptions

Students will select one core class and one focus class.


Core Studio: Drawing | Madeleine Corbin, Instructor
This course will engage various materials and techniques to investigate a wide range of 2D and 3D drawing processes. We will focus on the elements of line, shape, texture, and value and how those elements combine to create visual experiences and how each can be utilized to further the artist’s conceptual endeavors. Throughout the week we will focus on drawing techniques that sharpen skills in perception and visual organization. The work created will consist of hybridized drawings both from observation and imagined scenarios existing on paper, in three-dimensions with wire, and documented in photo and video formats. Students can expect the course to have ever widening parameters as the week progresses to allow for creative evolution and impulses.

Core Studio: Color Theory | Katherine Spinella, Instructor
This course will focus on color theory and application through a variety of exploratory activities including scavenger hunts, personalized assignments, games, tutorials and reading/video discussions that introduce students to artists working with color and light. In this class you’ll have the opportunity to explore color through a variety of media including photography, painting, and found collage materials. 
Core Studio 2: Sculpture | Johnny Beaver, Instructor
Making art is about self expression, but also problem solving. Taking a cue from current affairs, we will be looking at our own environments, and what materials we may put to use for a series of sculptures -- each day disassembling what we've done, and then borrowing ideas and materials directly from the previous one. Together we will look at what art can be, how it can change, and what makes it your own.
Focus: Painting | Milla Oliveira, Instructor
This course invites students to explore possibilities within the pictorial space, integrating elements of physical locations with imagined realities. Instruction will be given on preparation of materials, with focus on acrylic paint. Specific exercises will be offered for in-depth exploration of surfaces, color, light, perspective and composition. With a combination of daily live group sessions (via Zoom), downloadable resources and scheduled 1:1 reviews, students will be well supported to materialize their visionary spatial creations with confidence and enthusiasm. 
Focus: Experimental Photography Using Smartphones | Julia Bradshaw, Instructor
Through playful, hands-on projects, participants will learn how to use their smartphones to create better photographs. Students will learn about composition, lighting techniques, and how to manipulate their images to produce effects. There will be a sprinkling of learning about the history of photography by making photographs using a nineteenth century technique and “faking” nineteenth century techniques using apps. At the end of each session students will share and discuss their experimental photographs with the group. Students should expect to spend each 3-hour session in a mix of online instruction, individual studio practice (with instructor on-call), and an end-of-the-day sharing session.
Focus: Digital Animation | John Whitten, Instructor
This course will introduce a variety of digital animation techniques including Animated GIFs, Cinemagraphs, and Stop Motion Animation, while focusing on experimental animation artists such as Allison Schulnik and Andrew Thomas Huang. Students will remotely collaborate on animated mosaics and exquisite corpse animation exercises, as well as work on independent animation projects.