Morning Core Foundational Courses

Morning courses introduces first year college-level topics through dynamic projects that focus on drawing and design. Students will be assigned to this course.

Core Studio 1 - Freshman and Sophomores
In this studio-based course, students will explore a combination of foundational skills such as drawing, screen printing, and three-dimensional design. Students will explore introductory drawing, and introductory screen printing techniques using hand-drawn repeat patterns on materials such as paper and mat board that will be used in the construction of three-dimensional forms. 
Core Studio 1 - Freshman and Sophomores

This course will focus on introducing foundational approaches to art-making and the development of complex ideas. Projects will follow an evolutionary process from environmental observations to abstracted 2d drawing and finally, the construction of non-representational sculptures. By following this structure, students will transform simple ideas into complex and unique works using a variety of materials and techniques. Classes will be devoted to art making with time reserved for group discussions and the introduction of relevant contemporary artists.

Core Studio 2 - Juniors and Seniors 

In “The Zine”, students will be taught both traditional and contemporary methods of designing and producing “Zines”, a small magazine format. Students will begin with physical cutting and pasting, using Xerox machines to print their first zine. For the second zine, students will be introduced to Adobe’s InDesign software and will use this in combination with color laserjet printers.

Core Studio 2 - Juniors and Seniors 

This course will utilize sculptural assemblage using various materials and a wide range of drawing processes. We will focus on the elements of line, shape, texture, and value and how those elements combine to create visual experiences and how they can be utilized in the creation of works of art. The work created will be hybridized objects, utilizing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional ways of working. Students can expect the course to have ever widening parameters as the week progresses to allow for creative evolution and impulses.

Afternoon Focus Courses

Afternoon Focus Courses are selected by the student as an in-depth exploration of their interests. Students will select one focus course for the entirety of the week, allowing for thorough instruction, idea conception, execution, and critique. 

Painting Studio 
Students will work with acrylic colors and will explore the many ways paint can be handled. Instruction will be given on preparation of materials and specific exercises will be given to students for exploration with color, light, texture, transparency/impasto, and composition.
Printmaking Studio 
Students enrolled in printmaking can combine their drawing and painting talents to create multiple editions of prints. You will learn the Chine Collé drypoint printmaking process as you pull proofs and run editions of your own creative work. This technique uses a plexiglass plate and non-toxic water-soluble inks. Monotype printing process may also be introduced.
Animation Studio 
This course introduces students to the rich traditions of frame-by-frame nonlinear movie construction, and to recent developments in the field. Using a variety of rendering techniques, students focus on the development of unique characters and compelling narratives. In order to produce impactful visual elements, emphasis is placed on studio projects—such as flipbooks, storyboard, cutouts and stop-motion film—that develop strong perception and drawing skills. Students are introduced to basic technical skills in computer distortion, timing, exaggeration, sound and sequencing, and also view noteworthy animated films and discuss ways in which they relate to their own work.
Digital Photography Studio
Students will be introduced to digital SLR cameras.  They will learn how to use the manual functions of these cameras.  Students will use digital SLR cameras and Adobe Lightroom to experiment with narrative structures in photographic series.  They will finish with a small set of printed and mounted images.
Graphic Design Studio
Explore various combinations of traditional and digital design tools through a series of intensive classroom exercises. This regimen enables students to integrate diverse techniques with the design elements of color, form, typography and composition. Projects allow students to combine these tools and techniques in such creative applications as corporate identification, publications, posters, packaging and/or signage. Students also learn to recognize the principles of good graphic design as they integrate text and imagery (drawn from various media) into seamless, finished communications.