Advising: FAQMeeting with an advisor

Students may schedule an appointment by going to the following link:  Click the "Make an Appointment" link, read through the information provided, and follow the prompts to complete your appointment request.  If you no-show for an appointment, you must wait one week before rescheduling.  If you are 5+ minutes late, you are considered a no-show.

Students should meet at least once a year with an advisor to go over their academic progress while attending the university. Your Speech Comm advisor will collaborate with you on all things related to your Speech Communication major or minor. Think of the Speech Comm advisor as the expert of the major or minor. You can speak with any academic advisor about any opportunities, issues or problems you face as a student. Advisors will not share what is discussed with your parents, family or friends (not even if they’re paying for you to be at OSU), in part because it’s against the law to do so (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act - FERPA). 

During the advising appointment the advisor will review the student’s progress and help plan future classes.  Plan ahead when scheduling your appointment with an advisor. Give yourself ample time before your registration date to meet with an advisor. 

Come prepared to your advising appointment

  • Schedule an appointment early in each term.
  • Write down any questions you want to discuss with your advisor before your appointment.
  • Consider any goals you have (graduation time, internship opportunities, study abroad).
  • Know your time limitations and be realistic in planning; take into account work schedule, athletic practice, campus involvement, etc. 
  • Review the schedule of classes or catalog before your appointment, consider which classes you would like to take. 

Questions about the Bacc Core:

If you have specific questions about Bacc Core, please refer to CLA central advising located in Bexell 214 or call 541-737-0561 to set up an appointment.

PIN Distribution

Each year you need to meet with the advisor during spring term to get a new PIN to register for your fall classes. Without a PIN, you will not be able to register. The PIN you receive for fall registration is good for a year.

Types of advising appointments

Scheduled appointments with advisor

Appointments are scheduled in advance and can last up to 30 minutes. The appointment is usually for academic reasons, such as long term planning, current planning, changing majors, etc.  Speech Communication does not accept same-day appointments. 


What GPA do I need for Communication?

To graduate, you need an average of 2.00 across your communication coursework, just as with your university coursework.

How can I find out more about the forensics program?

Visit the forensics website for more information about the forensics program.

How can I get involved in Speech Communication extracurriculars? 

Visit the Lambda Pi Eta page to find out about recent events and how to get involved.

What careers are common for communication majors?

Graduating with a major in communication will give you many, many options and opportunities for employment. Some of these include public relations, marketing, fundraising, journalism, broadcasting, and many more. Visit the Alumni & Friends and Resources pages for more information regarding careers for communication majors.

What about graduate study in Communication?

Learn more about Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) in Communication.