Check out some of the resources available to you through the Art program:


Online Student Artwork Gallery

Check out what some of our students in the Oregon State art program have done, from painting and drawing, to printmaking, animation and mixed-media work.


Fine Arts Portfolio Review Instructions

See what you need to do to continue in the fine arts program beyond your sophomore year.



West Gallery Exhibition Sign Up

Find information on displaying your work at West Gallery. You can sign up for a solo show, or create an exhibit with a group or one of your classes. Showing your work gives you the chance to design, hang and publicize your own show. You can also schedule a reception for family and friends.


Get information about the organizations within the art program at Oregon State. Not only can you network with other artists here and elsewhere, you can get involved in the community, as well.







See what kinds of scholarship support are available to you through the art program at Oregon State.

Modeling Application

Find information on modeling for Art students at Oregon State.