A flute player at OSU playing her instrument.

Interested in taking instrumental lessons at OSU?

There are three academic tracks for instrumental lessons for the music major. In all cases, MUP lessons regardless of 1 or 2 credits, consist of a one-hour per week lesson, amounting to 10 one-hour lessons during the term. 

  1. The Bachelor of Music Education: MUP 19X-49X. Majors in the BM-Education track register for 1 credit of MUP lessons/term.
  2. The Bachelor of Music Performance: MUP 19X-49X. Majors in the BM-Performance track register for 2 credits of MUP lessons/term. 
  3. The BA/BS in Music degree: MUP 19X-49X  has the option for students to register for 1 or 2 credits.

The Music Minor degree: MUP 19X-49X. In general, music minors will register for 1 credit of lessons. Students should discuss with their lesson instructor whether they should register for 1 or 2 credits of lessons.  

MUP 19X-49X Applied Lessons have an end of term jury requirement during Finals Week. The posting of jury times typically happens in the ninth week of classes, and will be posted on the “Bands” board on the second floor of Community Hall. MUP 19X-49X Applied Lessons have escalating repertoire requirements and expectations as defined in Section H of this handbook; Jury Level Requirements by Instrument. For the music major it is expected that students enrolled in lessons will also be enrolled in at least one of the large ensembles: Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony. The large ensemble requirement is strongly encouraged for the Music Minor taking Applied MUP lessons. 

  1. MUP lessons are offered for University credit (additional lesson fees apply).
    • One credit hour equals 10 half/hour lessons – one/week
    • Two credit hours equal 10 one hour lessons – one/week
    • The lesson fee is added to your tuition.
    • MUP lessons are individual lessons  (the student is one – on – one with the instructor)
    • Show up during the first week of class, at the time listed in your course schedule/course catalog. You will meet your instructor at that time and schedule your private lesson
        1. Your lesson time will be different than the meeting time listed. You and the instructor will schedule a weekly meeting time that is convenient for both of your schedules
        2. Space is sometimes limited. Priority registration goes to Music Majors and Music Minors.
        3. Refer to the roster below for your instrumental meeting time and listing of our instrumental faculty.

MUP 193-493 – Woodwinds


MUP 196-496 - Brass


MUP 195-495 -  Percussion 


MUP 192-492  – Strings 



MUP 160, 170, 190-490  - Piano