Lauren Dillard - Class of 2009, HBS Liberal Studies - New Media Communications Option

I started working at The Daily Barometer my freshman year, but it wasn't until junior year that I finally changed my major from biochemistry / biophysics. Taking organic chemistry at 8 a.m. was the final straw; I was so glad that I chose the New Media Communications program. The curriculum was immediately applicable to the work that I was doing in Student Media (now Orange Media Network) and it prepared me for my career. While the NMC program grounded me in the practice of media, it also taught me essential skills that prepared me to quickly adapt to new technology, create professional products on any platform and innovate new solutions. Really, the NMC program helped me develop the skills to execute real, professional projects — then and into the future.

After college, I interned for The Oregonian as a page designer. My internship was extended indefinitely, but I was offered a job at Hewlett-Packard in Corvallis. While consulting on the editorial content of the "HP Printables" project," I started working in marketing and new business development. That led to an interest in technology startups.

Today, I work for Sea/Salt Ventures — a startup based in New York City. We're a "venture studio" that partners with industry professionals to develop mobile and web-based solutions for real problems that need solutions. So much of my work — from building landing pages, marketing materials and growth strategy for my clients to the actual product design — is informed by my experience as a student in new media communications. I couldn't do what I do with out the network and experience that I gained through the NMC degree program at Oregon State.


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 Jacob Curtis - Class of 2010, BS Liberal Studies - New Media Communications Option

At Oregon State University I studied New Media Communications and learned all about technology’s role in advancing the way we’ve communicated, altered moods and sold products throughout history. The timing couldn’t have been better – I was learning why social media was becoming a preferred method of communication and the theory behind it as it was happening.

I was taught to not let changes in the media surprise me, but to recognize and capitalize on them. I was told I was being prepared for jobs that didn’t even exist yet. Luckily, I was able to apply what I learned in class to undergraduate marketing campaigns such as promoting a professional comedy show on campus, driving tune-in to a T.V. show I co-produced for KBVR TV, and securing student votes in support of the recently opened Student Experience Center well before social networks like Facebook were even open to the general public. These campaigns provided valuable experience and more importantly, a relevant resumé prior to entering the digital marketing industry after graduation. Since graduating, I’ve continued to work in social media marketing and video production in a variety of roles, from sales, fulfillment, management, and more.

In early 2013, I secured a position as a community manager for a well-known digital agency in Portland, OR where I had the opportunity to develop strategies, monitor and report to major brands like Power Rangers and Intel. Most recently, I took what I learned from NMC instructor Ron Seymour during NMC Entrepreneurship and my post-grad experience to start my own business, Branding by Jacob, where I help individuals and businesses develop and maintain their digital identity online.


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Justin Molter - Class of 2010, BA Liberal Studies - New Media Communications Option

During my time at Oregon State University I wanted to get as much real world experience as I could, so I took part in activities on campus that would relate to possible careers after I graduated. I took on a number of responsibilities on campus, including producer of shows at KBVR TV (The OSU Dating Game Show and Greek Pads), video intern at OSU Athletics, Public Relations Director at KBVR TV, College of Liberal Arts Ambassador, START Leader, Web Designer for Interfraternity Council, and various other projects to help in the direction of video production.

I believe my involvement on campus helped me gain knowledge of what I should know moving into an actual career. It also helped me make valuable connections that I would need to land the position that I have now. It was about four months after I graduated when I got a notification from my academic advisors that the Portland Trail Blazers were looking for a video intern, which I applied for with my resumé, cover letter, video reel, and even my own personal portfolio website. With a little bit of persistence I was able to get an interview and land the job, all thanks to my advisors for making the connection.

I am now the Digital Video Producer for the Portland Trail Blazers and just finished up my 5th season with the team. I edit videos for our website, twitter, Instagram, and vine. I also help organize our digital media library, control digital signage on campus, create commercials for the television broadcast, some IT, and many other roles involving video production. A lot of these roles I do now were very similar to some of those I did at Oregon State. When I first started my internship I was given the opportunity to show skills in camera work and prove myself valuable. Having some understanding of what my role was before even starting was a big help to my success as I was able to take on tasks and show that I had what it takes to deserve a position past an internship, and here I am almost five years later.



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Robert Murdock - Class of 2011, BA Liberal Studies - New Media Communications Option

I moved down to Oregon from Seattle to attend OSU after graduating high school. I didn’t know anyone that was going to Oregon State so I had to make new friends and pick a major I thought would best fit my future goals, and that was New Media Communications. During my time in NMC I was able to meet other classmates interested in filmmaking. We got together after class and made short films for various film contests. We made a film in the Campus Movie Fest every year. New Media Communications was great for taking the courses related to film such as pre-production, production and post-production, which allowed me to get a grasp of what I wanted to ultimately become. 

I currently work for a visual effects company called The Mill in Culver City, California. My position at The Mill is a Flame Artist. That consists of compositing computer graphics effects and integrating them into a scene. Some other tasks are removing blemishes from celebrities’ faces or erasing a wire, miscellaneous objects, or people in a shot. NMC really helped me with my current job because the teachers are so supportive, and the courses made you work as a team to finish projects. Every job that I do at The Mill is team based, and we as a team get the job done in a quick and timely manner. 


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