Melting Pot

The Citizenship and Crisis Initiative’s core mission is to create physical, digital, and virtual spaces where a diverse public spanning the spectrum of age, politics, and socioeconomic status can engage in deep conversations about questions related to citizenship and crisis. We seek to reach  students, citizens, policy-makers, and have gathered a group of scholars and staff -- from SHPR and from across OSU -- with a passion to promote learning and a deep commitment to generate reflection about some of the most vital issues and ideas that challenge the U.S. and the world today. This new Initiative aims to tap into hot-button topics to draw in large audiences and deploy the best insights and techniques of historical and humanities scholarship to do so.
We designed Citizenship and Crisis to take on a major theme in two-year cycles. In the inaugural year of the program (AY 2014-15) and in this coming year, our focus is on citizenship and war, using the centenary of WWI as a springboard for much of our programming.  The first year of our program featured roughly twenty wide-ranging events and with panels and participants representing all of the schools in the OSU College of Liberal Arts as well as from the sciences, the libraries, and more. We found tremendous enthusiasm for our programming, with large crowds turning out for programming that ranged from film viewings to scholarly talks to town halls. In our view the social, political, cultural, and economic dislocations of that “Great War” provided fertile ground for larger explorations about the ways in which warfare left an indelible impress on the politics of citizenship in the period and resonant issues for us to consider today.

Our events are often filmed or photographed and any media from prior talks will be made available on this webpage - please check back often for new content!