The School of History, Philosophy and Religion, Oregon State University, is excited to announce the  Chiu scholarly exchange program for 2017. Based on the generous support from the Chun and Jane Chiu Family Foundation, the program encourages transnational and comparative research concerning Taiwan. It awards travel grants to Taiwan-based scholars who plan short-term research trips to the U.S., and U.S.-based scholars who plan short-term research trips to Taiwan.
We will support each grantee with a travel grant not to exceed $7000. The scholarship can be used in conjunction with other awards.   Individuals should submit their proposals to the Chiu Scholarly Exchange Program for Taiwan Studies committee.* Proposals should be submitted electronically (to Hung-yok Ip, Program Chair, no later than  September 10, 2016. If you  do not receive an email acknowledgment upon submission, please contact the program chair.

Please download an application below: