A graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) is a professional position funded by a department or office at the University. All assistantships provide direct service to the University’s programs and offices as well as functioning as an integral part of the curriculum and total learning experience in the CSSA program. An OSU graduate teaching assistantship provides a monthly salary, tuition remission, and an institutional contribution toward the graduate assistant-only health insurance premium. Assistantship appointments range from 0.20 FTE to 0.49 FTE (FTE meaning full-time employment). An assistant on a 0.30 FTE appointment, for example, is expected to provide 156 hours of service during a 13-week academic term.

All graduate assistants are required:

  • To perform the full duties of service as determined by their departments
  • To be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours each term of their appointment during the academic year (9 credits during the summer)
  • To be making satisfactory progress toward an advanced degree.

Admitted CSSA students will receive specific information regarding open graduate teaching assistantships shortly after admission is offered. 

Offices that have hosted CSSA Graduate Assistantships in the past

Career Services

The Graduate Assistantship in Career Services is a .49 FTE position that allows a full range of experiences in career development activities at OSU. The Career Services GTA serves as the primary supervisor for the Career Services undergraduate staff, and will recruit, hire, and train these student workers. In addition, they will build the team, delegate tasks, and assist in their professional development. The GTA will also develop skills in one-on-one career advising (assisting students in developing skills to ready themselves for the job search, graduate school applications, job search strategies, and resumes/cover letters). They will provide resources to OSU students and alumni, conduct presentations to student groups, and help plan and implement new programs and Career Services events. They may also serve as a liaison to various academic departments and student groups. CSSA students interested in a GTA position in Career Services must be committed to supporting diversity and working with a small team that serves the needs of OSU students & alumni, staff & faculty, employers, and the surrounding community. Personal/Telephone interview required.

College of Engineering

The overall goal of this position is to develop, in conjunction with College of Engineering faculty, learning modules related to academic success for first year engineering students. The GTA will have the opportunity to further develop content and supporting materials related to topics that impact student success into weekly recitations of a general engineering orientation course. The GTA should possess an understanding of student learning and engagement and use this understanding to help determine the most effective way to provide the freshman, general engineering students, the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate their first year engineering studies. Additionally, the GTA should possess a basic understanding of issues related to students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields.

College of Forestry Student Services Office

The College of Forestry is one of 11 colleges on the OSU campus, comprised of three departments offering undergraduate and graduate programs to a student body of approximately 800 students on the Corvallis campus. As a sole baccalaureate degree granting forestry program in Oregon, it is a primary resource people turn to for information on forestry and natural resources related issues. The Student Services Office is also the focal point for a variety of student related services including undergraduate student recruitment, orientation, academic advising, retention, academic success, engagement, and enhancement, scholarships/fellowships, programs and events, student employment recruitment, student clubs and related academic affairs activities. The College of Forestry utilizes a decentralized advising model in which students are advised by either professorial or professional faculty depending upon their academic major. This assistantship is offered only as budgets allow and therefore may not be available each year.

College of Pharmacy

The Graduate Assistantship in the College of Pharmacy is a .49 FTE position which provides a range of experiences in academic advising, admissions, orientation, and other student affairs functions within the College. Specifically, the graduate assistant can expect to spend a significant amount of time working with Pre-Pharmacy students in an academic advising capacity as well as representing the College of Pharmacy at on and off-campus recruiting events for prospective students and their families. Opportunities are also available for involvement in the administration of the Pharmacy School admissions process, college-wide assessment efforts, diversity initiatives, advising a student organization, and teaching an introductory course for exploring students. A background in science is not required.

Disability Access Services

Is no longer providing GTA positions, but is happy to meet with CSSA students interested in a one to two term internship.

Diversity Development

The Diversity Development Graduate Teaching Assistant involves facilitating event planning for the Cultural Centers (Asian & Pacific Cultural Center, Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center, Centro Cultural César Chávez, and Native American Longhouse), including one All-Center event each quarter; implementing staff development programs including retreats and quarterly in-service training for Cultural Center staff; assisting with cultural center staff fall training and spring staff selection; co-teaching the coordinator class (CSSA 406); and supervising student coordinators. The person fulfilling this position must have sensitivity to traditionally underrepresented groups including, but not limited to Asian, Asian/Pacific Islander, Asian-Americans, Africans, African-Americans, Chicanos, Latinos, and Mexicanos, Alaskan Native, and Native Americans.

Educational Opportunities Program

This program recruits and assists in the retention of minority, disadvantaged, and disabled students who have traditionally been denied equal access to higher education. The needs of each student are identified and an academic plan of tutoring, counseling, and advising is provided. The assistantship provides an opportunity to participate in this process and serve as a member of the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) staff working with and advising students. Personal interviews preferred.

Extended Campus

This assistantship is a .49 FTE position and reports to the Extended Campus Director of Department and Student Services. The Ecampus GTA will assist the unit in serving online learning students enrolled at OSU including undergraduate, graduate and non-degree seeking students. Primary responsibilities include providing effective back up, support and problem solving on student services inquiries; assisting in the design, implementation and analysis of the annual student survey process; and assisting with exam proctoring and procedures. Other responsibilities include working with other staff members on various projects as necessary. The Ecampus GTA may occasionally travel to meetings, classes, other colleges, and other sites on and off campus. Personal interview required.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The Athletic Academic Advisor GTA works with student athletes on developmental issues and time management. Assist students in identifying academic needs such as tutoring and study hall assistance. Advocate for students with coaches and professors, as appropriate. Facilitate each student's connections with other programs on campus and in the community, and assist student athletes to focus on personal goals after graduation. Personal interview preferred.

International Programs

Students with an interest in the fields of International Education, Education Abroad, International Internships, International Students & Scholars, and/or the English Language Institute should consider these assistantships. Assistantships may not be available every year. GA's have had the opportunity to serve in the following roles: an advisor to international students, an international student assistant, an education abroad program assistant, an international internships program assistant, grant writer, research assistant, coordinator of community programs, and editor of the "OSU International" (a campus-wide newsletter). International experience and foreign language skills strongly preferred. Resume, cover letter and interview required.

Natural Resources Program

The graduate assistantship with the Natural Resources program is a .30 FTE position. Responsibilities include: Advising NR students individually and in groups as needed by NR advisors; updating and creating written materials describing the Natural Resources program for prospective and enrolled students; monitoring curricular actions (past and ongoing) relevant to the NR program; communicating changes to the Natural Resources Program Coordinator or Ecampus Advisor; working with NR Program personnel to update content for the Natural Resources web site; working with web designer to implement changes; attending weekly Natural Resources program meetings; and completing special projects as needed.

New Student Programs & Family Outreach

The New Student Programs assistantship focuses on the transitional process of first-year students and their family members. This assistantship provides an opportunity to participate in development, planning, and implementation of orientation programs and first-year experience programming. GTA’s also help with recruitment, selection and supervision of student staff. In addition, the New Student Programs assistantship involves opportunities for teaching and advising first year students through U-Engage (first-year orientation/seminar class). Activities include delivering group presentations; writing, editing and developing publications; training and support of student leaders; preparation of resource materials; and fostering sound working relationships with constituents. Excellent verbal and written skills are essential. Personal interview required.

Promotions and Assessment, University Housing and Dining Services

The Promotions and Assessment Specialist Graduate Teaching Assistant is responsible for supporting the overall department recruitment and assessment activity. This position is an integral part of the Marketing, Assessment, and Communication Unit which is an important component of the Department of University Housing and Dining Services.The Promotions and Assessment Specialist reports to the Marketing and Assessment Coordinator. The position is a .49 FTE Graduate Teaching Assistantship.The Promotions and Assessment Specialist functions as the secondary contact and coordinator for department recruitment activities for students and other stakeholders as well as the support for the departmental assessment activity. The various responsibilities of this staff position require the person to be an effective communicator, a self-starter, and a capable representative of the Department of University Housing and Dining Services in meeting the general objectives of the marketing and assessment program. These objectives include identifying and addressing the needs of our resident students.

Recreational Sports

This position is responsible for the coordination, administration, and supervision of the Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs Programs with direct oversight for 10-20 sport clubs as well as assigned intramural activities. Graduate Assistant will be responsible for the leadership development, training, evaluation, and supervision of Intramural/Sport Club Sport Supervisors and associated Intramural Officials as well as providing leadership development and advising to 10-20 sport clubs. The position will support the organization and coordination of intramural leagues (1 per term) and events (1-3 per term), including marketing, training of staff, preparing league and playoff schedules, scheduling of facilities/equipment, communication with team managers, coordinate disciplinary hearings, and activity evaluation. Additionally, assist in the administration and advising of 10-20 clubs including travel and home activities, hosting of major events as well as provide assistance in clubs leadership development, promotion, and equipment inventory. Prefer experience within event planning, league and club management and officials training. Experience in supervision and advising of student employees and club officers. Personal interview desirable but not required.

Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) Program

The SMILE Program Graduate Assistant (GA) will be part of a 9-member team charged with administering a statewide college-recruiting program of mathematics and science enrichment for students in grades four through twelve from rural educationally underserved communities throughout Oregon. As part of a team, this individual will be involved in recruiting and training college student mentors, special events coordination and planning, curriculum development, teaching and presenting, program outreach and dissemination, and program evaluation and assessment. A personal interview is required.

Student Conduct And Mediation Program

This assistantship provides experience in all aspects of the University's student conduct program including policy development, preventive outreach, judicial hearings, and legal issues. Personal interview required.

Student Leadership and Involvement

The department of Student Leadership and Involvement has 3 Gradate Teaching Assistant (.49) positions; Community Service, Leadership and Program Council.  The position in the Center for Civic Engagement focuses on service learning by developing workshops and programs, assessments and evaluations, and a database designed to track student volunteers, community and campus opportunities, and student hours worked. The GTA works closely with community agencies and various departments on campus to create a collaborative community service-learning program.  The Leadership Development GTA (.49 FTE) will work with undergraduate student staff members to coordinate leadership development efforts and outreach. This GTA will be involved with special projects, teaching classes and workshops, supervising and advising undergraduate students, and working as part of the staff team. This GTA will also have the opportunity to participate in long range planning and assessment. Previous leadership development and involvement experience is preferred. Evening and weekend commitments may be required to fulfill duties of this position.  The Program Council GTA (.49 FTE) will work with undergraduate students and staff members to support the student programming board, in its event-planning endeavors. This position may involve advising undergraduate students, organizing and implementing programs such as information fairs, and editing a monthly newsletter. Previous programming experience is preferred. Evening and weekend commitments are required.

University Honors College

This position assists with coordination of University Honors College student activities and events. Responsibilities include scheduling and supervision of formal and informal student functions; including the regular meeting of the UHC Honors Activities Committee; working with UHC students who publish the student newsletter THE CHRONICLE; assisting Student Learning Center staff; designing enrichment activities for UHC students in areas of your interests and promoting the creation of an honors college student community. Interview required.

Women's Center

The person in this assistantship manages program, advocacy, outreach, and staff/volunteer development within the OSU Women's Center. Program areas may include women's health, sexual assault/domestic violence issues, international women's issues, career/academic/economic issues, diversity awareness, and crisis support/referral. Experience in administration, program planning, advocacy, verbal/written communication, public relations/promotions, assessment, and women's issues are required. Interview required.

Private Living Groups (Not Assistantships)

Resident advisors in private living groups are responsible for advising house government and providing support for social and educational programs in privately owned cooperatives, fraternities, or sororities. In some instances expertise in meal planning, fiscal affairs, and personal relations is necessary. The position is not an assistantship and does not include a tuition remission. Remuneration includes room, board, and a stipend. Candidates interested in these positions should plan to come for an interview since final selection is made by the student group.