Cuba1OSU IN CUBA 2019

Dates of travel: 20 June - 2 July 2019 (tentative)


Program Description:

Students have a unique opportunity to learn about Cuba through this short-term study abroad program in summer 2019.  As a participant, you will engage in a rigorous and active daily program, including - but hardly limited to - visits to museums and cultural centers, art installations, medical clinics, schools, farms, sporting facilities, and sites claiming historic and cultural significance.  You will encounter the vibrancy of La Habana, The Bay of Pigs (La Bahía de Cochinos) and their surroundings while exploring the artistic, cultural, historical and political and landscape through conversations, lectures and lessons from a diversity of local experts.  You'll inevitably gain an understanding of Cuba's very special place on the world stage (and in particular its changing relations with the US), and an appreciation of its people, as defined by the complex cultural, linguistic and ethnic heritage they claim.

To get a feel for what past participants have taken away from this experience, see the original videos below from students in the 2017 cohort and view the 2015 program itinerary, 2016 program itinerary, and 2017 program itinerary.

Business and Pleasure: Dance, Rhythm, and Tourism in Cuba by McKenzie Ross
Cuban Health Care by Olivia Woods
Art in Cuba by Libby Chapman
Where do the Taino Goddesses Sleep? by Matthew Rubio


Program Details:

OSU IN CUBA 2019 requires enrollment in a preceding spring course, CUBAN CULTURE, POLITICS & SOCIETY (WLC/ES/PS 483).  This four-credit course, given on campus in Corvallis, introduces students to Cuban culture, politics (and particularly Cuba-U.S. relations during the years of the Revolution) and arts via a combination of lectures/lessons led by invited specialists in their fields, readings, films and student activities.  Students will learn about a variety of topics including migration, agriculture, health care, education, economics, religion/spirituality, gender, race, and the arts (literature, music and other performance).  This course meets twice a week for two hours each class.  Students are also required to attend a Saturday retreat.  The retreat is paramount for developing a tight-knit community of traveling scholars; it will be used for team-building exercises, activities and pre-departure preparations.

Both courses are be taught by OSU Professors Ron Mize (School of Language, Culture, and Society).


Program eligibility requirements:

•    Good academic standing, with a minimum GPA of 2.75

•    Sophomore, Junior, Senior or Graduate-level standing

•    Completion of the course ‘CUBAN CULTURE, POLITICS & SOCIETY’ (offered during Spring term 2019)

•    Spanish language is useful, but not required – all lectures/conversations will be translated into English

•    Maturity and ability to participate in a rigorous daily program

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Dr. Ron Mize


APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Thursday, 1 February 2019