Contemplation—root is temple or open space, sacred space.


To make space in our minds

To make space in our hearts

To make space in our lives

For what matters

To live closer to our intentions

To help us see our own biases, fallacies, habits, things in the way of clear seeing

To comprehend what is right in front of us


OSU Contemplative Studies Initiative

Official beginning in 2014: John Edwards, Winston McCullough, James Blumenthal.

Current Steering Committee: John Edwards (Director), Winston McCullough, Vicki Tolar-Burton, Geoff Barstow, Stuart Sarbacker, Julie Graves, Michele Ribeiro, Audrey Perkins (Coordinator).


Scholarship, research, and courses where we study contemplation here at OSU through

  • History
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Health and Human Sciences
  • Other areas


  • New Minor in Contemplative Studies is pending (John Edwards)
  • New courses being developed: Introduction to Contemplative Studies and Contemplation and Technology (John Edwards)
  • Research Working Group forming (contact Dee Denver or Hannah Gosnell)
  • Lectures and discussions like this one and tomorrow 6:30 at Corvallis Public Library, where Dr. Levy will help us apply contemplation to our relationship with our gadgets in his talk, “Mindful Tech”




We practice contemplation through

  • Offerings for students, faculty, staff through Counseling and Psychological Services (Michele Ribeiro)
  • Monday Night Practice Group at Westminster House (Julie Graves)
  • Retreats (Mailing list, website)


We combine theory and practice in

  • Contemplative Pedagogy (Julie Graves and Vicki Tolar-Burton, CTL, website)
  • New Mindful Living LLC (Tess Webster-Henry)


Being a part of Contemplative Studies

  1. Visit our website for resources
  2. Join our email list to be included in discussions and notified of events
  3. Become part of our research working group
  4. Start using some simple contemplative pedagogy techniques in your courses for increased focus and comprehension for students
  5. Come to our Monday Night Practice Group
  6. Contact one of the people involved and plant some seeds in your own work and life.