Principle Investigator

Frank J. Bernieri, Ph.D.

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Professor - School of Psychological Science

Ph.D. 1988 Harvard University; B.S. 1983 University of Rochester

Dr. Frank Bernieri has been at OSU since 1988. However, he was employed by the University of Toledo in the late 1990’s and served as Acting Department Chair there in 1999. He also served as chair of OSU’s Psychology Department from 2003-2008. He’s widely published in the areas of nonverbal behavior and social psychology and is known for his work on first impressions, rapport, and interpersonal sensitivity. He has co-edited a book on Interpersonal Sensitivity with Judy Hall. In 1992 he was one of two research Psychologists given the Young Investigator award by the National Science Foundation for his research on the processes involved in face-to-face interactions including nonverbal behavior, empathy, and first impression accuracy. The University Honors College has named him an Eminent Professor. He was the first recipient of OSU’s Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year award and recently received OSU’s highest teaching award, the Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award.


Lab Manager

Amber Fultz

Amber is a senior studying Psychology.  She is the lab manager. This is her fourth year in the lab.  Her current research project investigates the relationship between emotional intelligence and verbal ability. She is also working on the Beaver Interpersonal Sensitivity Project by assessing the correlates and characteristics of the various personality constructs collected over the course of the investigation.  Her research interests include person perception accuracy, emotional intelligence, rapport, and empathy.  Please direct all inquiries regarding joining the lab to

Graduate Students

Rafael Robles

Rafael is a first-year Ph.D. student in Applied Cognition working under Dr. Bernieri. As an undergraduate at California State University San Marcos, Rafael worked on projects involving accent and language perception as well as cognitive attention tracking. His current research interests include nonverbal communication, deception, personality, and impression formation. He is currently working on a project involving the effects quick perceptions of facial traits and personality have on judgements of statement credibility during deceptive statements, as well as a project involving the effects hemispheric differences may have on the perception and expression of emotion on the face.

Duy Nguyen

Duy is a second year Master student in Robotics and Computer Science at Oregon State University. He received his Honor Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with minor in Psychology and Mathematics at Oregon State University. This is his fourth year in the lab. His current research project focuses on gaze patterns of people in conversational dyad in which one person conversed through a speech synthesizer device. He is also working in the Personal Robotics Lab to develop assistive technology that can improve the quality of conversations for people using speech synthesizer devices such as ALS patients. His research interests include nonverbal behaviors, rapport development, first impression, human-robot interaction, natural-language processing, machine learning, computer vision, assistive robotics and educational robotics.

Research Assistants

Sydney Schimelfining

Sydney is a senior majoring in Psychology and Digital Communication Arts, with a minor in Speech Communication. This is her second year working in the lab. She is currently working on the "Emotions in People and Animals" study that investigates the interpersonal thinking involving emotions in both people and animals. Her research interests include interpersonal communication, the relationship society has with technology, and social interaction.

Morgan Stosic

Morgan is a Junior majoring in psychology. This will be her 3rd year working in the Interpersonal Sensitivity Lab. She is currently working on the "Watch and Write" study which investigates the relationship between how participants perceive and write about a certain video and their emotional intelligence. Her research interests include patterns of language usage, interpersonal perception, and emotional intelligence. 


Lauren Silva

Lauren is an undergrad student majoring in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Business. This is her first year working in the lab. Her current research interests include interpersonal perception and empathy in different social environments.

Hannah Stone

Hannah is a senior majoring in Psychology. This is her first term in the Research Lab. Hannah is interested in Health Psychology and Social/Personality Psychology. She is currently working on a study involving Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and the feelings and emotions of individuals using these devices. 

Meghan Heineman

Meghan is a Junior majoring in Psychology. This is her first year working in the lab. Her research interests include deception, interpersonal perception, coping styles, and language usage. She is currently working on the "Lie Detecting" study, which investigates individual factors that influence perceptions of credibility.