Former Graduate Research Assistants

Katy Krieger

Katy graduated in Spring 2016 with a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her degree combined Social Psychology, Experimental Psychology, and English. Her thesis was titled “Words of Well-Being : The Relation of an Individual's Word Choice to their Social Well-Being.” She received her Honors Bachelor of Arts from Oregon State University in 2014 with a double major in Psychology and English. She worked for Dr. Frank Bernieri for 6 years and was the lab manager for 4 years.

Alyssa Raymond

Alyssa graduated in Spring 2016 with a Master's Degree in Social Psychology. She received a B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Physical Anthropology from OSU in 2006, and then completed a Master’s in Evolutionary Psychology from Florida Atlantic University in 2012. Alyssa rejoined this lab as a master’s student in 2013, and focused her research on the encoding side of nonverbal communication.

Ameer Almuaybid

Ammer graduated in Summer 2016 with a Master's of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. He received his B.S. in Psychology from OSU in 2013. He worked in the lab for 3 years as an undergraduate, and another 2 years as a graduate student. He researched nonverbal behavior, with a focus on immediacy behaviors such as gaze, proximity, and smile. Ameer has joined the OSU faculty as an instructor of undergraduate Pscyhology courses.

Alex Brunot

Alex graduated in Spring 2015 with a B.S. in Psychology from Oregon State University. He worked in Dr. Bernieri's lab as an undergraduate studying impression formation, interpersonal sensitivity, and vocal analysis. Alex is currently pursuing a Master's of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, and Business at OSU under Dr. Joshua Weller.

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants:


  • Jenna Saperia
  • Amanda Sebring
  • Shanshan Lu
  • Sabrina Bradshaw
  • Allison Daley
  • Whitney Iparraguirre
  • Lyshuand Smith
  • Hannah Huntington
  • Lily Chen
  • Phuong Uyen Nguyen
  • Heather Hodel
  • Michael Augello
  • Raiza de Vera
  • Kali Bravo
  • Eric Zimmerman
  • Hannah Stone
  • Jennifer Piacentini
  • Aimee Nyguen
  • Armando Mendoza
  • Sara Kim
  • Willa Jutzi
  • Aylssa Johnson
  • Madelyn Duer
  • Madison Browning
  • Rachel Boromeo

Before 2016

  • Courtney Ball
  • Jazlyn Mitchell
  • Danielle Gerding
  • Katelyne Rankin
  • Madi Burke
  • Stacia Gani
  • Kyrie Smith
  • Rachel Regan
  • Sara Begley
  • Daniel Blatt 
  • Shelley Devens 
  • Stacy Sim
  • Zoe Chrisman-Miller
  • Gretchen Leuthy
  • Nancy Long
  • Thomas Smelter 
  • Chloe Stein

Lab photo from 2013.






The original Beaver Interpersonal Sensitivity Project (BISP) team in July, 2008.


Media Archive:

    • Ameer Almuaybid graduated in Spring 2016 with a master's degree in interdisciplinary studies. He was featured as an OSU graduate in the Corvallis Gazette Times. Read the full article here: Former Graduate Research Assistant Featured in Local Newspaper

    • Stacy Sim was awarded first place in the 2013 Celebration of Undergraduate Excellence research symposium.

    • Stacy Sim presented her research on Intelligence Judgments.