The Celebration of Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) is a university wide poster exhibit that allows undergraduates to present their scientific research and creative projects. Each year, the Interpersonal Sensitivity Lab presents several projects.


Feature article on Stacy Sim: "Connecting through Research"



  • "What Personality Traits Are Associated With The Ability To Pantomime" (Lu, Bernieri, 2016) PDF  
  • "Males in a Romantic Relationship are More Interpersonally Sensitive" (Iparraguirre, Mitchell, Lu, Krieger & Bernieri, 2016) PDF  
  • "Women in Romantic Relationships are More Narcissistic" (Mitchell, Iparraguirre, & Bernieri, 2016) PDF  
  • "Progress Report: Stages of Distraction" (Nguyen, Bradshaw, Fultz, & Bernieri, 2016) PDF  
  • "Are emotionally intelligent people more attached to their pets?" (Saperia, Daley, Krieger & Bernieri, 2016) PDF  
  • "Engineering Empathy: Building Satisfying Interactions with Less Empathy" (Fultz, Nguyen, & Bernieri, 2016) PDF  


  • "Can you hear my power? An analysis of vocal parameters’ impact on impression formation of power" (Brunot, Raymond, 2015) PDF  
  • "Speak More While Revealing Less: Effect of Rejection on Self-Disclosure" (Fultz, Burke, Lu, Almuaybid, Bernieri, & Sommer, 2015) PDF  


  • "Facial width-to-height ratio predicts testosterone-linked traits and behaviors" (Devens, Krieger, Brown, & Bernieri, 2014) PDF  
  • "Men have big heads: Gender differences in IPT performance and confidence" (Sim & Bernieri, 2014) PDF  
  • "Pretty people are smart and nice" (Saperia, Sim, & Bernieri, 2014) PDF  


  • "Intelligence is an illusion: Evaluating the accuracy of intelligence assessments in social situations" (Sim & Bernieri, 2013) PDF  
  • "Dare to Stare? Compensation for Comfort in Body Language" (Almuaybid, Sommers, & Bernieri, 2013) PDF  
  • "We Can’t Compare Apples to Oranges:  Diagnostic Testing Methods for Autism and Alexithymia Are Ineffective" (Erickson, Blatt, & Bernieri, 2013) PDF  
  • "Get Out of My Face!: Facial Width and Type A Behavior" (Devens, Krieger, & Bernieri, 2013)