The Society of Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) is the largest organization of social psychologists and personality psychologists. It was founded in 1974 and currently has over 6,000 members. Graduate students and several undergrads from our lab attend the annual conference. Here are recent projects:


  • "When Empathy Fails: Individuals Using Voice Synthesizers Experienced Lower Rapport with High Empathy Partners" (Fultz, Nguyen, Smart, Bernieri, 2017) PDF  
    • Amber Fultz was one of three winners of the national SPSP undergraduate poster competition. Congratulations to Amber and the team for their dedication and hard work on this study!
    • Amber Fultz's research was featured in the College of Liberal Arts Alumni magazine, The Leading Edge. View the full article. 


  • "What Personality Traits Are Associated With The Ability To Pantomime?" (Lu, Bernieri, 2017) PDF 


  • "Interpersonal Sensitivity, Personality, and Intelligence" (Bernieri, 2016). Keynote address presented at the Nonverbal Behavior pre-conference. Nonverbal pre-conference archive
  • "The Nonverbal Communicative Power Conveyed in a Message Increases Encoding Accuracy" (Brunot, Bernieri, Raymond, & Brown, 2016) PDF  
  • "The Myth of the Good Encoder: Encoding as a Multifaceted Ability" (Raymond, Bernieri, & Brown, 2016) PDF  
  • "Predictors of interpersonal accuracy: MSCEIT, empathy, intelligence, and sex" (Sim, Brown, & Bernieri, 2016) PDF  


  • "The Compensation Theory in Nonverbal Immediacy Behaviors: An Examination" (Almuybid, Bernieri, & Sommer, 2015) PDF  


  • "Facial width-to-height ratio predicts testosterone-linked traits and behaviors" (Devens, Krieger, Brown, Bernieri, 2014) PDF   *Also presented at: UHC Scholars Fair, and the College of Liberal Arts scholarship and creativity fair
  • "Changes in Emotional Intelligence: A Test-Retest of the MSCEIT" (Raymond, Bernieri, Brown, 2014) PDF  


  • "Liar, Liar, Words on Fire: Language Usage in Deceptive Communication" (Krieger, Bernieri, & Brown, 2013) PDF  
  • "Believe me or not: Credibility increases with intelligence but not verbal or emotional intelligence" (Bloom, Clark, Bernieri, & Brown, 2013) PDF