Learn in Portland

Oregon State University psychology undergraduates can blend online learning with face-to-face sessions at Pioneer Square.

The Portland + Online Experience 

OSU students have access to one of the most popular majors on campus in Corvallis and Bend, as well as through our nationally ranked fully online Ecampus program. An innovative new opportunity offers the best of both worlds – rigorous and flexible online classes and face-to-face sessions in Portland at Pioneer Square.

While you still have the option of earning a nationally ranked Oregon State psychology degree 100% online, Portland area students who want to live and learn in Portland can earn an Oregon State University psychology degree (BA/BS) in Portland. 

Learn about our Portland Program ... listen to this webinar "Making a Difference with Psychological Science in Portland"

New Hybrid Classes in Portland

Look for new and redesigned classes in 

  • Psychological Statistics  
    Returning to curriculum after 20 years – stats just for psychology 

  • Research Methods 
    A real scientific study, from idea to hypothesis to final report in one term

  • Psychotherapy 
    One of our most popular classes 

  • Developmental Psychopathology  

  • Soon to be a new Writing in the Major course  

  • Behavior Modification 

  • Essential skills for parenting, education, mental health, and human resources

  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    Perfect for students blending Psychology and Business 

  • Internship 
    All new opportunities in Portland  

Built-in Flexibility

After you complete College, University, and Psychology requirements, you’ll have credits left over to: 

Check back for more options coming to Portland some great new options are on the way.

Benefiting Students, Employers and Our Community 

The innovative option offered through the new face-to-face components of our undergraduate online degree benefits students, employers and our communities: 

Students: by helping them develop and enhance the necessary skills to enter the workforce as mental health and behavioral support specialists or pursue a graduate degree in a wide variety of psychology programs (e.g., clinical, research, counseling).

Employers: The need for a stronger workforce pipeline is often cited by Portland businesses as the greatest challenge to growth. Our program will partner students with businesses, non-profit and governmental organizations, to build the school-to-intern-to-employee pipeline.

Our communities: and the businesses are strengthened when we graduate a diverse set of skilled, compassionate students. Our community’s wellbeing is enhanced when caring, effective mental health care is accessible to all. 


OSU alumni and community partner participation is a critical component to our Portland programs. If you are interested in engaging with the School of Psychological Science in Portland to help build community and support student success, we’d like to hear from you. Tell us more about how you'd like to be involved.  Sign Me Up!


If this innovative option sounds like the right opportunity for you — the right mix of an excellent psychology education, convenient online courses and valuable professional guidance — let us keep you in the loop with program updates and application information. And be ready to join OSU's powerful community of Beavers in Psychology in Fall 2018.  Request More Info