graduationWhat other classes are required for graduation?

All additional OSU requirements for Psychology majors are listed on the back side of the orange advising sheet. These include the University Baccalaureate Core (Bacc Core), the Liberal Arts Core (CLA), and your choice of either the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) requirements. You need one course from each box in the Bacc Core & CLA Core. Circle courses as you successfully complete them; Underline courses you are currently enrolled in; and mark * courses you intend to take in the future and write the term and year next to them

You also need to pass 180 total credit hours, 60 of which must be upper division (300 level or above). Psychology majors choosing to earn a B.S. have 122 credits of required coursework and those choosing a B.A. have 139. This leaves a significant number of elective credits needed for graduation.