Our BEST ADVICE for students: Keeping your own records is the key to knowing where you stand and what courses you need to take to complete your degree. Fortunately, the Psychology Degree Requirements - Advising Checklist, (also known as the Orange sheet" provides a comprehensive checklist for the Psychology Degree. Use this checklist as your primary bookkeeping tool. Bring your up-to-date orange sheet with you to your advising appointments. YOU are responsible for making sure you have completed your graduation requirements. USE THE ORANGE SHEET as your guide to meeting your psychology major requirements. We will update MYDegrees as your file. Only you know which courses you are using to fulfill requirements.

BEFORE making an appointment:

Read and fill out both sides of the ORANGE SHEET. If you still have substantial questions, or wish to discuss other issues, make an appointment.

  • Bring an updated copy of your transcript to your advising appointment.
  • Have an idea of the questions you would like to ask when you come for your appointment. Be thinking about goals (graduation by a certain time, studying abroad, internships, etc.) and write down any questions you might have.
  • Review your schedule of classes. Write down classes you are interested in taking.
  • Make a list of your other commitments (for example: sports practices, work, internships, family responsibilities, etc.). This will keep your plan on a realistic schedule.
  • Keep your own records regarding how you want to count BACC Core classes.
  • Bring an up-to-date "Psychology Degree Requirements Checklist"