How do I keep my own records? 

  • For psychology and statistics, check the courses you've completed with a grade of C- or better and enter your grade and other information requested. Underline or enter courses you're currently taking, and write the term and year next to any course you have registered for or intend to register for next term. (See the posted example).
  • Consult the University's General Catalog for a complete list & descriptions of Psychology courses. Not all courses are offered every term.
  • For Bacc Core or CLA core, underline or enter courses you are currently enrolled in and circle courses as you successfully complete them.
  • Update the boxes with your credit total and upper division credit total regularly.
  • The 8 credits of statistics required for Psychology majors may also be used to satisfy the math requirement for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) as delineated in 3.A. of the CLA, B.S. requirements.
  • Monitor your degree progress carefully in MyDegrees. MyDegrees is a tool to help students plan for their academic goals and track their progress throughout their OSU experience. It is used for course planning, advising, and degree verfication. The system was used by advisors in the undergraduate programs during Fall and Winter Terms 2010/11 and was made available to undergraduate students beginnning April 12, 2011. To access MyDegrees, select it on the Student Records menu within On-line Services.