Criminal Background Check Directions

To obtain a criminal background check in Oregon, you will need to follow the directions provided by the Oregon State Police Identification Unit. All required forms are available at their website. You can also call them with questions at (503) 378-3070. The basic procedure involves:

  1. Being fingerprinted by your local police agency. There is a charge for fingerprinting, and most police stations only do fingerprinting at specific times. Some internship sites will pay for your fingerprinting and background check.
  2. Submitting the appropriate payment, a criminal record request form, and your fingerprint card to:

Oregon State Police
Identification Services Section
Unit 11
P.O. Box 4395
Portland, OR 97208-4395

Questions About the Criminal Background Check

  • Why do I need to have a criminal background check?
    Internship sites involve working with children, disabled adults, individuals in crisis, and other vulnerable groups. Many agencies require these background checks on their employees and may require one of you as an intern to protect their clients.
  • What do I need to turn in to the Internship Coordinator?
    Only the internship agreement completed by you and the agency supervisor.If the agency you are working for requires this criminal background check, it will be noted on your internship agreement.If the agency requires you to obtain the background check on your own rather than performing it for you, it is recommended that you keep copies for your records.
  • I had a criminal background check done last year. Can I use that?
    Check with the agency you are interning for to see what their guidelines are.Acceptable substitutes for the criminal background check procedures described above may include:
    1. Evidence of current enrollment in the Oregon Childcare Registry.
    2. A copy of a criminal background check conducted within the past year.
  • I have a record of criminal activity because of some minor transgression that I committed several years ago. Does this mean I can't ever enroll in PSY 410?
    No. If you have a criminal record, your agency will determine if your record is acceptable for placement with them.If the agency accepts you for the internship and completes the internship agreement, you are still eligible for PSY 410. Internship sites set their own criteria for accepting interns, and have the right to refuse students on the basis of poor grades, criminal history, year in program, lack of experience, etc. The OSU internship coordinator decides only if students are eligible for PSY 410 within the educational setting (i.e. years in program, experience, grades).Remember, interns are responsible for finding their own internship site.