Internship Agreement

The first step is completing the internship agreement, which must be done by you and your internship supervisor before you will be given permission to enroll.

Criminal Background Check

The second step is, if your agency requires a criminal background check, that requirement must be completed and noted on your agreement before you will be given permission to enroll.  


A copy of the syllabus, which details all course assignments and requirements, is available. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the information in this document before you begin your internship. Because the second half of the course requires students to select readings related to their internship placement, if you will not have access to a library during your internship, you should plan ahead to take readings with you.

Internship Site Evaluation

You will complete the internship evaluation form during the last week of the quarter. 

Intern Evaluation

The supervisor's evaluation form must be completed by your supervisor once you have finished all the hours you've identified on your Internship Agreement form. In order to pass PSY 410, your supervisor must confirm that you completed the required number of hours, and give you an average rating of 3 or above on all evaluative items.