I'm only interested in working about 10 hours per week. Can I just sign up for 3 credits? OR  I plan to work full time at my internship site, but I actually only need a few more credits to graduate. Can I just sign up for a few credits?

Our experience has shown that students working less than half-time do not have the same sorts of clinical opportunities as those committing to a half-time or full-time position. Allowing three credit internships would also increase the number of students interested in taking the course well beyond our course capacity. In order for this to remain a meaningful learning experience, the course is limited to students enrolling for a minimum of 6 credits over the summer, and a minimum of 7 credits during the academic year.

My summer internship involves working more than 40 hours each week (or, my summer internship lasts longer than 8 weeks), can I enroll for more than 12 credits?

The internship instructor may make special arrangements for these types of circumstances. Contact your intern instructor before enrolling to discuss your situation. PSY 410/406 allows a maximum of 15 credits per student during their years at OSU.  But it is possible and students have taken more than one internship in the past.

Can I be paid for my internship?

Although most agencies will not have paid positions available, compensated students are permitted to earn course credit for relevant psychology-related positions, as long as the job provides a meaningful clinical experience and regular supervision. Check with the internship instructor to discuss your situation and ensure that your position is acceptable.

How do internship credits count toward my psychology major/minor, and toward graduation?

Currently 3 credits of 410 and 3 credits of 406 can be applied to your major.  You may have no more than 6 credits from 401-410 applied to the Major.  But the extra credits will be applied as upper division credits towards your degree.

I'm an HDFS major, and already have 15 credits of internship. Can I keep working at the same position and earn PSY 410/406 credits?

You should check with OSU academic regulations to determine the number of pass/no-pass credits a student may take and you will need to receive approval by your academic advisor before considering this. 

I'm going to do a full-time internship. Can I enroll for both 15 credits of HDFS 410 and 15 credits of PSY 410/406 this quarter?

No. This would be earning double credit for your work, and is against academic guidelines. However, the Psychology Department is willing to allow you to split your credits across departments, which would require you to enroll for 7 credits of PSY 410/406. Consult with your advisor in HDFS to determine the feasibility of this plan.

When/how will my internship site be assigned to me?

Internship sites are the sole responsibility of the student and are not assigned by OSU. Participants in PSY 410/406 are responsible for finding their own internship site. The internship coordinator will lend advice, suggest options, and try to boost your confidence if you're having a difficult time. Finding your own internship is actually an integral part of the class, and will help prepare you for job seeking in the future.

Will taking PSY 410/406 and completing an 8 to 10 week internship qualify me for graduate school or employment upon graduation?

Although signing up for PSY 410/406 and doing an 8 to 10 week internship may help you in applying to graduate school, the requirements of graduate programs vary significantly. Typically, graduate programs and employing agencies seek individuals with more hands-on experience than one might get during a single term. You are encouraged to get as much applied experience as you can. However, we are only able to offer college credit for your experiences during an 8-week (summer) or 10-week (academic year) term.  If you are interested in getting more experience or would like to do a second internship please contact the intern instructor about your ability to do this.

What is PSY 510 and can I sign up for this?

You may only sign up for PSY 510, with the approval of the internship instructor, if you are currently enrolled in a graduate program at OSU.