Professional Development begins the first day you start classes.

  1. Talk to your profs - they are your #1 resource. The top reasons to talk to your prof:
    • profs are experts on the material they teach
    • you love the class
    • you are struggling in the class and have questions
    • no extra cost! you already paid for the privilege
    • USA education system encourages and expects you to talk to your profs
    • profs are mentors who can help you excel in your field
    • profs write your reference letters; the better they know you, the better the reference
    • gives you opportunity to verbalize concepts; you'll understand the material better
    • helps you gain comfort in speaking with professionals, you'll interview better
  2. Get involved - there are many opportunities both on campus and in the community, as volunteer work and extra curricular activities. Being involved:
    • is a great way to meet new friends
    • provides leadership opportunities
    • is required for many scholarships
    • provides experience for your resume
  3. Experiential learning - these opportunities take learning outside of the classroom
    • study abroad
    • individual research with faculty, including opportunity for adding research fellow to your degree statement
    • internship
    • serve as an ECON tutor
  4. Visit the Academic Success Center - they provide resources to help you accel academically.
    • coaching
    • links to tutoring centers on campus
    • the writing center
    • the Learning Corner
  5. OSU's Career Development Center supports you throughout your education in pursuing your dream career
    1. assists with resume building
    2. Handshake
    3. LinkedIn

Like professional development, this site is a work-in-progress. It is intended to benefit students in various stages of professional development. Feedback for improvement and suggestions of what you would like to see here would be greatly appreciated. See your Economics advisor!