Erika Wolters

Dr. Erika Allen Wolters

Director, OSU Policy Analysis Laboratory

In my role as the Director of OPAL, I am well aware of, and at times amazed by, the high quality work students are producing for OPAL clients. I believe this quality work stems, in large part, from not only the students’ motivation, but also the establishment of OPAL as an interdisciplinary, collaborative policy analysis laboratory. As a PhD in Environmental Science, my training and research is inherently integrated with multi-disciplines. Furthermore, I have spent my professional career working for government, non-profits, and academia.  These past experiences, along with my inter-disciplinary doctorate, make OPAL a natural fit and allow me to continue to engage with my research interests and my desire to participate in active policy analysis. Overall, I bring to OPAL experience and training, and, more importantly, a passion for engaged policy analysis.


100L Bexell Hall
2251 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR  97331