PhD Student
Public Policy Graduate Program
School of Public Policy

111 Bexell Hall

Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-3703

About Myself

Science and engineering had made incredible progress in advancing the production renewable energy and the efficiency of buildings, vehicles, and energy consuming devices however actual adoption lags behind the technological potential. A key to closing this gap is understanding the economic, political, and social forces at play. With this understanding, policies can be developed to encourage society towards greater energy and environmental sustainability. My research interest is in renewable energy and demand side energy management policy.

Areas of Interest / Policy Concentrations

  • Energy Policy
  • Environmental Policy


  • eCampus PS 201 Political Science


Brief Vita


  • MS, Environmental and Energy Policy, Michigan Technological University, 2015
  • BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Bucknell University, 2013

Selected Publications

  • Schelly, C., Louie, E., Pearce, J. (2015). Blockages and Bottlenecks: The US Electric Utility Industry’s Structural Discouragement of Renewable Energy Technology Adoption. Nature Energy. (Currently Undergoing Peer Review)
  • Louie, E., Macleod, E., Masterton, A., Michaelson, M., Occhietti, D., Slagle, N., Tran, T., Anna, D., Blumberg, K., Garrod, A., Savage, D., Warsko, K. (2015). A Community Guide to Mine Water Geothermal Heating and Cooling. Professional report.
  • J. Barnett, B. Burns, A. Kantamneni, and E. Louie (authorship shared equally). 2014. “Houghton County Energy Plan.” Energy Plan presented to Houghton County, MI community, November 3, 2014. Submitted to GeorgeTown University November 10, 2014.
  • R. Bose, C. Karvakko, A. Kreuze, E. Louie, M. Morrison, M. Sanchez, G. Shirkey, T. Wakeham, and R. Winkler (authorship shared equally). (2013). Exploring the Social Feasibility of Minewater Geothermal in Calumet. Professional report presented to the Calumet, MI community, December 12, 2013.