PhD Candidate
Public Policy Graduate Program
School of Public Policy

100-R Bexell Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-3703

About Myself

I am a mid-career PhD student in public policy with extensive experience conducting program evaluation and applied research related to social policy, including workforce development, education and other human service initiatives.    

My graduate studies are focused on the policy process – the factors and conditions that influence policy decisions – and ultimately, the relationship between policy process, policy decisions, governance practices and individual outcomes.  My dissertation explores the determinants of, and variation in, state-level changes in policy and practices related to Employment Services for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disability. 

I received a Master in Public Affairs from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School (2000) and spent over a decade conducting program evaluation and applied research for government agencies, non-profit organizations and foundations.   In 2015, I was selected as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, which will fund my graduate studies through 2018. 


Research Interests / Policy Concentrations

Social Policy, including employment and human services policy


Brief Vita


  • Master in Public Affairs, Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, 2000
  • Bachelor of Arts, Franklin and Marshall College, 1993

Professional Experience:

  • Analyst/Senior Analyst, Abt Associates, 2000-2004
  • Principal, Program and Policy Insight, 2005-2014


  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, 2015-current
  • Oregon State University Graduate Travel Award (November 2016)

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Giordono, L. and Edwards, M. (in press).  Oregon Social Policy: The Safety Net.  In E. Weber, R. Clucas, P. Southwell and M. Henkels (Eds), Oregon State and Local Politics: Change and Continuity.  OSU Press.
  • Giordono, L., & Pugatch, T. (2017). Non-tuition Costs, School Access and Student Performance: Evidence from the Gambia. Journal of African Economies, 26(2), 140–168.
  • Weber, E. P., Stevenson, A. P., & Giordono, L. (in press). Collaborative Governance in Environmental and Natural Resource Management.  In A. Sapat (Ed), Handbook of Environmental Governance.  Routledge.

Selected Client Reports:

  • Giordono, L., Lodewick, K. & Michon, S.  The National Fund for Workforce Solutions: Evaluation Data Brief 2013.  Eugene, OR: Program and Policy Insight, April 2013.  Professional report.
  • Giordono, L. & Lodewick, K.  2007 Comprehensive Needs Assessment for the Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Final Report.  Eugene, OR: Program and Policy Insight, December 2007.  Professional report.
  • Giordono, L., Checkoway, A., Koepnick, R., & Jastrzab, J.  Evaluation of the Hanley Career and Technical Program.  Cambridge, MA: Abt Associates, Inc., July 2002.  Professional report.
  • Hebert, S., Giordono, L., & Dun Rappaport, C.  Initiative to Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness in Workforce Development: Year End Report of the Assessment Team.  Cambridge, MA: Abt Associates, Inc., May 2002.  Professional report.
  • Jastrzab, J., Bernstein, L., Litin, L., Braat-Campbell, S., Stickney, E., Artis, E., & Giordono, L.  A Profile of AmeriCorps Members at Baseline.  Cambridge, MA:  Abt Associates, Inc., June 2001.  Professional report.
  • Lodewick, K. & Giordono, L.  Human Services Plan for Lane County.  Eugene, OR: Program and Policy Insight, December 2009.  Professional report.
  • McGahey, R., Levin, M., Heald, A., & Giordono, L.  Evaluating the Workforce Innovation Networks (WINs): A Report to the Ford Foundation.  Cambridge, MA: Abt Associates, Inc., January 2001.  Professional report.
  • McNeal, N., Giordono, L., & Lodewick, K.  Denver TANF Evaluation Project: Final Report.  Salem, OR: Public Knowledge, January 2006.  Professional report.