Pi Sigma Alpha

Mission Statement:

Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society, is the only honor society for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students of government in the United States. Founded in 1920, PSA has grown to over 500 chapters on campuses across the country.

In Kappa Gamma, our OSU chapter, we encourage non-partisan and factual political discussion, to engage our scholars in the service of others, and to encourage and assist in academic success.

Membership Requirements:

National Membership:

  • Political Science Major or Minor
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • 90 Completed university hours
  • 15 Credit hours in political science
  • Minimum completion of one upper division political science course
  • $40 one-time lifetime membership dues

Chapter Membership:

  • Show up to meetings and events!

How to Become a member:

To officially become a member of the PSA national honors society, you must first meet all the requirements listed above under “National Membership”. Once a year, usually around Spring Term, an email is sent out to potentially eligible members outlining how to complete the membership process.  Students who believe they are eligible must respond to this email and their eligibility will be screened by the department. Students who successfully meet all requirements will receive final instructions on to how complete membership through the national organization and will be invited to our PSA Kappa Gamma induction ceremony for recognition of their academic accomplishments.

Executive Officers:

President: Tabitha Pitzer (she/her)

  • Statement: I am going into my fourth year at Oregon State majoring in political science. I have always been driven to help others in every capacity that I can and that it was drives me towards a life of civil service. In high school, I was certain that I would study political science with a minor in sustainability with the intent of becoming an environmental lawyer. However, as I got more involved in politics through volunteering opportunities and politically empowering my peers on campus, I thought to myself: “why would I fight laws in court when I could fight them at conception, or even better, write better bills?” It was at this point that I first considered running for office someday. After I graduate Oregon State with a Major in political science and a minor in Spanish, I plan on attending graduate school to earn a J.D. and MPA hybrid degree. The information I learn will help me best serve my fellow Oregonians when I run for office starting in the Oregon House of Representatives and concluding in the U.S. Senate. My hope for PSA is that it will provide others with clarity about what their passions are, what drives them, tools to help students to reach their goals, and provide a foundation of support to build a stable future upon.
  • Favorite PS Class: Russian Politics

Vice President: Josephine Meyer (she/her)

  • Statement: I am a senior with an interest in what shapes our society and world. After I graduate from Oregon State University, I plan on continuing my education in law school. Pi Sigma Alpha is a great way to make connections with other Political Science majors, and my hope is that our society will continue to grow with people who are passionate about politics and the law

Favorite PS Class: Nuclear Arms Control and Proliferation 

Secretary: Meredith Bowers (she/her)

  • Statement: I first became interested in studying political science because of the AP U.S. Government teacher I had during my junior year of high school. Before his class I had been following politics for pleasure since I was in 5th grade, but my teacher made me realize I could make a career around politics and government service. After I graduate, I will hopefully commission as second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. During my time in the Air Force or directly after, I would like to attain at least one graduate degree ‒ preferably in international relations ‒ and then go on to work for the Department of State or in a congressional office. I want Pi Sigma Alpha to be a melting pot of ideas, a place to hone our professional skills, and a place to meet others who will go on to do amazing things in their careers. Overall, I hope PSA will form both personal and professional connections that we can utilize down the road.
  • Favorite PS Class: Nuclear Arms Control and Proliferation

Executive Member at Large: Kate Hercher (she/her)

  • Statement: I chose Political Science because I feel like this is the way that I can make a positive difference. As a double major in Economics as well, I would like to work in policy, and help to create a system that is not able to economically discriminate people. Also, on the side I advocate for everyone to be politically informed so that they can have a say in how our government operates.
  • Favorite PS Class: Introduction to International Relations

Resources Provided

  • Recognition of academic excellence & right to wear honor regalia!
  • Scholarships for graduate study
  • Ability to advance to second-year pay scale in a government job post-graduation during the first year of employment
  • Best paper awards
  • Mentorship program
  • Community service opportunities
  • Non-partisan political discussion
  • Food and friendship!

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Week 2, 1/18 Bexell 326: Pizza & Politics
  • Week 4, 2/1 Bexell TBD: Guest Panel
  • Week 6, 2/15 Bexell 326: Pizza & Politics
  • Week 8, 3/1 Bexell TBD: Guest Panel
  • Week 10, 3/15 Bexell 326: Group Study Session
Upcoming Events:
  • Internship Panel
  • Research Panel & Graduate Student Panel
  • Scholarship Panel
  • Meet & Greet with your State Representative & State Senator

Contact Information:


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Below


Event Photos:

For regular updates on our activities, please see our Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/osupisigmaalpha)

Two Essentials: Pizza and Politics

PSA 2016-2017 Induction

2012-2013 PSA members with Representative Sara Gelser.


For more information about Pi Sigma Alpha, email: pisigmaalpha@oregonstate.edu or visit our Facebook page, and the National Pi Sigma Alpha Website.