Our Alumni Have Exciting Careers

Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture
  • Michael Faris (MA, 2007) received his PhD in rhetoric and composition at The Pennsylvania State University and is now an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University
  • André Habet (MA, 2015) has been accepted into Syracuse University’s PhD program in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric
  • Eva Payne (MA, 1997) was recently named as the Chair of the Two year College Association (TYCA) and is an Associate Professor at Chemeketa Community College
  • Gail Oberst (MA, 2014) founded the Oregon Beer Growler and is now an editor for Oregon Coast Magazine
  • Asao Inoue (MA, 1996) works as the Director of Writing at the University of Washington, Tacoma, where is he is also an Associate Professor
  • Gail Cole (MA, 2014) currently works as a Project Manager for CTGi and the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Krystal VanKooten (MA, 2004) was recently awarded the Hugh Burns Dissertation Award and is currently an Assistant Professor at Oakland University
  • Jordan Terriere (MA, 2015) teaches English at Alsea High School in Alsea, OR
  • Chad Iwertz (MA, 2014) is attending The Ohio State University for his PhD in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy
  • Dodie Forrest (MA, 2004) is tenured faculty at Yakima Valley Community College, where she directs the writing center 
  • Travis Margoni (MA, 2010) is a faculty member at Yakima Valley CC
  • Thomas Deiter (MA, 2011) has accepted a position as Acting Director for the CUNY Start writing program at LaGuardia Community College in New York
Literature and Culture
  • Emily McLemore (MA, 2017) has been accepted into Notre Dame's PhD in English program
  • Kristen Burkett (MA, 2015) is the Campus Programming Coordinator in the Office of Student Life at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia
  • Christopher Adamson (MA, 2014) is currently attending Emory University for his PhD in Literature
  • Rebecca Schneider (MA, 2013) is currently attending the University of Colorado for her PhD in Literature
  • Dan Randlemon (MA, 2012) works as a Project Operations Manager at Twilio
  • Natasha Luepke (MA, 2008) currently works as a Online Course Developer at Pioneer Pacific College
  • James Wicks (MA, 2005) is Assistant Professor of English at Point Lomo Nazarene University
  • Emily Goodrum (MA 2002) is a Public School teacher in Wisconsin
  • Patrick Query (MA, 2001) is Associate Professor of English at the US Military Academy
  • Johanna Kramer (MA, 1998) is Associate Professor of English at the University of Missouri
Film and Visual Studies
  • Bill Fech, Film and Moving Image Studies graduate student at Concordia University
  • Nicholas A. Brown, Graduate Instructor at Texas Christian University
  • Samara Surface, Business Administrator at Invention Development Fund
  • Matthew Dodson, Client Engagement Supervisor at Zillow Group
  • Alexandra Hayley Trowbridge, OSU Graduate Teaching Associate
  • Charles K. Barkley, Enrollment Adviser at Northwestern University

The School of Writing, Literature, and Film has thousands of distinguished and supportive alumni. You are well-educated, creative members of society whose innovative ideas help usher in the future. You care about the health of your planet, people and economy, and this shows in the work you do around the world. This is your source for news and events in your community.

Students and faculty are dedicated to creating a healthy economy, keeping in mind the need for sustainable businesses with a social consciousness. We help students transition from academia to the professional world by fostering unique experiential learning opportunities by offering graduate teaching assistantships, and internships at the Center for Writing and Learning, the Writing Intensive Courses office, and the Writing Center.

Your own concern for these things helps us thrive, and we appreciate your role in keeping our legacy strong. Some alumni get involved with dollars, some with time. Both are extremely valuable ways that enhance the learning experience of students and enrich the overall education experience. If you want to get involved, contact Peter Betjemann, Director, (541) 737-1634. For more information about supporting SWLF contact Grady Goodall at 541-737-5918 or grady.goodall@oregonstate.edu.