Yoga Studies and Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

The Yoga Studies and Yoga Teacher Training combines yoga praxis and instruction with academic accountability and a scholarly approach to yoga made possible by OSU’s expertise in the academic study of yoga. Students will develop proficiency in instructing the postural and contemplative dimensions of yoga through cultivating their knowledge of yoga biomechanics, yogic philosophy, contemplative methods and techniques, and theoretically-grounded teaching methods. Knowledge acquisition will be paired with ample practical opportunities to support both disciplinary and teaching competencies. More broadly, students will be encouraged to reflect upon their relationship to self, to their communities, and the world, as relationality and interdependence are central tenets of yoga’s philosophical worldview. The certificate includes both a 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Alliance certificate.

Certificate Learning Outcomes:

  • Memorize, apply, and generate skillful techniques for optimizing physical yoga postures both while practicing and teaching.
  • Interpret and communicate central principles of yoga philosophy and psychology including applicability to the well-being of self and others.
  • Create and implement a personalized approach to teaching yoga while employing interdisciplinary methods, techniques, and rationale.
  • Synthesize a broad and integrated understanding of self and the world in mutual dependence through introspection and contemplative reflection.

For those interested in the Yoga Studies and Teacher Training Certificate, please submit an interest form or contact Rheannon Blount for more information.